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Top 10 Benefits Of Green Tea You Can Get

There are some drinks that make our day, such as coffee, tea and others. Yet, undoubtedly green tea is a very useful drink. It is recommended by many doctors who follow the alternative medicine to drink green tea, which is a Japanese/Chinese discovery. Many people have used to have a cup or two daily. It has become a part of the day. Actually, green tea has become popular recently in many countries. For you, we bring a list of the top ten benefits of green tea.

10 Green tea fights cancer:

Green tea is very strong facing cancer, as it can protect you against harsh types of this disease; it is rich of anti-oxidant substances that can easily fight Prostate Cancer and breast cancer.

9 Green tea vs. heart disease:

This remarkable drink offers you a low rate of cholesterol. In addition, it improves the process of blood flow, so, it kindly treats people with heart disease. Heart attacks and strokes can be avoided if you regularly have a cup of green tea daily. Recent studies revealed that green tea is practical for blood vessels.

8 Green tea and the brain:

The better are our blood vessels, the healthier we are. Green tea is helpful for brain. Studies conducted recently revealed that green tea can improve memory. Acetylcholine is the main reason for Alzheimer, so it is famous that green tea reduces this acetylcholine, so, rates of getting this Alzheimer are reduced. Moreover, Parkinson’s disease which caused by destroyed brain cells can be avoided by green tea.

7 Green tea and aging:

Green tea fights aging as it offers proteins which are essential for the skin. This useful drink bans the activity of enzymes that cause wrinkles. Green tea is rich with Polyphenols that protects you from wrinkles.

6 Green tea for losing weight:

It is practical in losing weight, it can get you lose about 75 calories and burn a big amount of fats. Beside exercise, green tea is useful for you to lose your weight and get a satisfying body shape. If you daily have a cup of green tea, you will never be fat anymore.

5 Green tea for skin:

It protects the skin from wrinkles. Having this astonishing drink regularly can protect you from skin cancer and dangers of harmful sun rays. It helps in softening and lightening your skin.

4 Green tea for bones and joints:  

If you always suffer from pains in bones and joints, you have to use the amazing drink of green tea. It protects you from osteoporosis, slipped disc and arthritis. Why? That is because green tea has great amounts of Florida that protects your bones.

3 Green tea for diabetics:

It regulates the sugar rate in blood; it stops enzymes that turn starches into sugar. So, it is very useful for those people who suffer from diabetics.

2 Green tea for pregnant women:

Pregnant women are recommended to have this drink, because it encourages the hormones that protect the mother and the baby. It is very useful for them because this drink controls the rate of sugar in blood.

1 Green tea for liver:

It is useful for liver, it stops the accumulation of fatty deposits. It also protects you from Cirrhosis. This amazing tea cannot be lived without. Green tea is highly recommended by doctors for people with liver problems. Those who are willing to get their livers protected from any dangers are recommended also to have a cup of green tea daily.

So, if you are eager to protect your health from cancer, bone diseases, blood pressure and heart attacks, get used to have a cup or two daily to control any dangers that may negatively affect your health.


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