Top 10 Most Advanced Weapons in the World

Modernity has brought a great progress in weapons from the nuclear to cyber and biological weapons. It is mind-boggling options that you wish we go back to sword and horse. You probably have heard about the nuclear weapon, as for cyberweapons, they are the ones made to pirate modern devices. They are, in most cases, malwares; Flame is one example. The Flame cyberweapon was discovered in Iran. It spreads from one device to another and records every move you take from keyboard to audio, video chat and takes screenshots as well. This cyberweapon was discovered in 2012 by Kaspersky Lab in Iran, and according to their estimates, the malware was targeting around 1000 machines in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Palestinian, Israel, and mainly Iran. It targeted governmental and educational institutions as well as individuals.

Away from the hidden power of cyberspace, less powerful means are also using technology. Take a look at the top ten weapons and the advances in them.

10 XM25

The Individual Airburst Weapon System known as XM25 is the modern technology of the year 2014 used currently by American forces in Afghanistan. The technology here is about the ability of the weapon to be programmed. The 25mm grenade could reach a distance of 500 meters and aim a specific object even in hiding.

9 XM2010

The Enhanced Sniper Rifle model XM2010 is manufactured in 2010 is made mainly to shoot from high above, a height that could reach 1200m. The weapon is highly advanced featuring sound and flash suppressors. The weapon is the one American snipers use to practice in Fort Benning. It enables them to fire an aim 600 meters away.

8 MAARS Robot

The Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System is a remote warring robot manufactured by QinetiQ in 2009. In the field of remote weapons, nothing proved its efficiency like this one. It does not work alone as different weapons could be applied over MAARS like pepper sprays and bomb launchers.


The Active Denial System (ADS) or the Goodbye Weapon simulates the microwaves an use it to shock the aim. The technology was tried over prisoners in U.S. before it was sent to Afghanistan. Yet because it has no lingering effect it was returned again to homeland.

6 Laser Avenger

The Laser Avenger was mainly created to explode Afghanistan’s Improvised Explosive Devices, a problematic weapon for the American forces. The Avenger thus uses the hot laser to cut through artilleries.

5 The Black Knight

On the steps of Bradley Fighting, the Black Knight is a vehicle that has an engine of 300 horsepower. The vehicle does the job of exploring through its navigation software in addition to replacing man in dangerous locations. The Black Knight was manufactured in 2008 by BAL.

4 The Taser Shockwave

Electrocution is what Taser does. It has the ability to kill many people with just one emission. This device however is not used alone; it could be also configured with other vehicles, reaching a distance of 7 meters and half.

3 PHASR Rifle

The Personal Halting and Stimulation Response, abbreviated to PHASR is the first device in the list to be manufactured by the Department of Defense instead of a private company. The weapon causes temporary blindness.

2 AA12

Known as Atchisson Assault Shotgun, the gun got the name of its manufacturer, Maxwell Atchisson. It is so powerful that it can be used thousand of time before any cleaning. It is so powerful that it can fire the FRAG-12.

1 MQ9

The MQ9 is the Reaper Drone manufactured in 2001 by the GA-ASI, the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems. The drone is mainly used for scouting and intelligence. It weighs 7000 pounds, its wing alone is 84 feet, and can carry around 3000 pounds. The drone’s intelligence capabilities are great, it can read from above 2000 kilometer.

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