Istanbul – A City at the Crossroads of the World, Cultures, and Eras

Perhaps no tourist has not heard of this city.  A unique city in its geographical location, architecture, culture, and combination of the historical with the modern.  Istanbul is a place that fascinates and enchants everyone.  Therefore, it is not surprising that tourists return here again and again.  It is where Europe and Asia, East and West, and European and Asian cultures intersect.

The city of sea, seagulls, cats, Turkish coffee, and picturesque landscapes.  To see all the sights, you need to spend several years here.  But even in this time, Istanbul has time to change and build new unique monuments of culture or contemporary art.  And those who come here for a few days can visit the Istanbul walking tour.  Thanks to the tour you can see the city’s sights and fall in love with its atmosphere forever.

Istanbul is a place that fascinates and enchants everyone.

1 You did not know that

Istanbul knows how to surprise.  Surprise visitors and residents alike with its traditions, authenticity, beauty, and exciting facts.  Here are a few of them:

Istanbul has a vast number of public baths.  There are about 500 of them, and new ones are constantly being built.  But visit them can only those who are willing to withstand the high temperatures of 40-55 degrees.

This city has the largest store in Europe, with an area of 420,000 square meters, and a shopping center called “Cevahir.”Here is also built a unique temple made of metal.  Such a construction is the only one in the world and protects the building of the Temple of St. Stephen from possible fires.

The history of the city is very ancient and diverse.  One of the reasons for this is that on the site of Istanbul were constantly different settlements, the first of which appeared in this area as far back as 8500 years ago.

The beauty of Istanbul impresses not only tourists but also outstanding cultural organizations.  That is why more than 20 picturesque districts of the city can be found in the UNESCO list of cultural and historical heritage.

public bath in Istanbul
Istanbul has a vast number of public baths.
Cevahir is the largest store in Europe, with an area of 420,000 square meters.

2 Attractions

 Istanbul is a massive find for anyone who loves the combination of monuments from different cultures and eras.  The interplay of European and Asian cultures makes this city special and unique.  Visitors to the city are recommended to visit many attractions, among them:

  • Büyük Mecidiye Camii – is a mosque located in a very picturesque place on the edge of the Bosphorus.  This architectural monument allows visitors to go back in time and feel the times of the Ottoman Empire.  And the fantastic beauty of mosaics, pink marble, and floral applications will leave unforgettable memories of the place.
  • The Maiden Tower is called the most romantic place in Istanbul.  It was built on a small island in the Bosphorus Strait.  Now you can enjoy the views of the sea with a cup of strong Turkish coffee, but earlier, this tower had time to be an isolator, prison, and exhibition gallery.
  • Hora Monastery is a special place where most guidebooks in Istanbul are silent.  The monastery is hidden from tourists because it is not located in the central part of the city.  But despite its remoteness from the bustling parts of Istanbul, this Byzantine church has something to surprise.  The beauty of the mosaics and unique frescoes from the 16th century are worth stepping away from the usual tourist route and visiting this monastery.
  • To move from the historic to the modern part of the city, you can visit one of the most important buildings of the “new” Istanbul.  Such a structure is the skyscraper “Sapphire.”  Here is the best observation deck of the city at the height of 236 meters.  It would help if you had a little courage to see the magnificent panorama, but the incredible view is worth it.
The Maiden Tower in Istanbul
The Maiden Tower is called the most romantic place in Istanbul.
Hora Monastery
Hora Monastery is a special place where most guidebooks in Istanbul are silent.

Istanbul is a unique city with a unique history.  Its atmosphere, rhythm of life, colorful mosques, cozy houses, sea air, and noisy markets create an incredible combination of traditions and eras.  Everyone will feel at home because Istanbul can be different: comfortable, loud, modern, and historical.  But it always remains itself.  And that is its most beautiful uniqueness.

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