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Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About Valentine’s Day

Love is the purest feeling. It is a great matter that a special celebration is done for it. The Valentine’s Day is a tender celebration when all lovers wish to offer each other beautiful gifts, words, cards, etc. Yet, there are some facts which you do not know about this day. Do not worry! We collect the top ten interesting facts about Valentine’s Day.

10 Love can be bought by money

The yearly U.S. National Retail Federation survey states that the average U.S. customer pays about $102 on Valentine’s Day gifts and entertainment in 2009. Approximately 92% of married Americans with children will pay most of that money on their partner; the remaining goes to Valentine’s Day gifts for kids.

9 The Roman origins

Valentine’s Day is originated in the era of Emperor Claudius II who didn’t desire Roman men to marry throughout wartime. Bishop Valentine refused that matter and performed secret weddings. As a result, Bishop Valentine was imprisoned and executed. Being in jail, he wrote a letter to the jailor’s daughter signing it with “from your Valentine”.

8 Finland’s

In Finland, Valentine’s Day is named Ystävänpäivä, this means “Friend’s day”. It’s more worthy day there to remembering your friends than your loved ones. This day is allocated to celebrating friendship. If you are in Finland on that day, pick up a friend to celebrate that day with.

7 Roses are the flowers of love

Certainly, Roses are the best flowers to offer in that day, they are the favorite flower of Venus who is the Roman goddess of love. The bud symbolizes the ardent romantic feelings, so they are elegantly-organized in the most trendy Valentine’s Day bouquets.

6 Cold weather

The day of this celebration is very cold for some, so the Valentine’s Day is set on June 12, July 6 and July 30 in certain places and some churches admit Valentine’s Day on these dates, whereas celebrations of love and friendship are held all over the world on various days through the year.

 5 Geoffrey Chaucer

The involvement of Valentine’s Day with love appeared in the middle ages, and the first apparent example is in a poem written by Geoffrey Chaucer in which he depicts the day as the first meeting when birds pick up their mates.

4 New celebration

Indeed, Valentine’s Day as the day of love is a comparatively contemporary invention. Until that time, the day of romantic love was memorized and celebrated on St Gregory’s Day, St Vincent’s Day and St Antony’s Day.

3 Wear your heart on your sleeve

In the Middle Ages, men and women painted names from a bowl to observe who would be their Valentine. They would put on this name onto their sleeves for one week to be seen by everyone. This was the source of the phrase “to wear your heart on your sleeve.”

2 California traditions

This American produces about 60% of American roses, yet the enormous number sold on Valentine’s Day in the United States is brought in, by and large from South America. In the region of 110 million roses, the greater part is red, will be sold and delivered in a three-day stretch of time.

1 A stem of apple

If an individual is hesitating between some names deemed to be appropriate as marriage partners he can twists the stem of an apple while the names are being declaimed, then it is thought the ultimate spouse will be that whose name was declaimed at the moment the stem shattered.

These facts are deemed to be the most interesting ones about Valentine’s Day. If you have just been acquainted with them, share them.


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