Flower DIY Ideas: 5- Kickass Ways to Use Dry Flowers

So, you have received a fresh flower bouquet from a loved one, and you have learned already how to keep them fresh and alive for longer. If you are also wondering what to do now, we have just the right thing for you! We bring you 5-DIY dry flower decor ideas to make the most of your flowers! These DIY ideas are easy to follow and easy to put into practice. Anyone can:

 1 Bust the stress

Bath bombs are seriously underrated. After a long day of work and commute, draw yourself a nice warm bath and put some handmade bath bombs made by you, using the dry flowers! And what do you need for this? Epsom salt, sea salt, essential oil, baking soda, and flower petals. You can also gift these handmade bath bombs to your friends, relatives, and loved ones.

 2 Spread their fragrance

Flowers’ and their stress-busting properties need no introduction. They can lift your moods in an instant and fill your day with positivity. You can use dried flowers with essential oil to create a signature fragrance for your surrounding the way you like – not overwhelming yet lingering. Completely organic and 100 percent chemical free! All you need is some vodka or gin, essential oil, distilled water, and some dried flowers. You can also gift these beautiful handmade signature bottles on occasions like housewarming and marriage anniversary.

 3  Get the picture-perfect walls

Framed botanicals are a wonderful way to spruce up your home. And you will be amazed that you don’t need some astronaut skill to crack this 70-style art either. With a couple of things such as PVA glue, A3 paper, measuring tape, a stack of books, old newspapers and vintage frame, you can press the flowers and later on, use them as a picture. You can also use them to create initials of everyone in your family and hang them in the balcony. It is a wonderful craft idea for your kids too.

 4 Mix it. Match it. Stash it

And here comes the good old potpourri mix that can never go out of trend or relevance. Use dry herbs, fresh herbs, fresh petals, dry petals, citrus fruits, cinnamon sticks, and whole spices to pep it even more. You can store this potpourri in glass bottles, sachets or an open serving bowl.

 5 Wall them up

If you love flowers and like to be surrounded by flowers, we are tossing this idea on your way that you can’t refuse. Decorate your bedroom wall with dry flowers and upgrade your decor without breaking your budget. All you have to do is to let the flowers completely dry so that they don’t rot. Hang them up with the help of a white silk thread in any pattern you like. Hang them from lightest to darkest for a beautiful impact. If the idea of having dry flowers on your wall is too much for you, you can make wall hangers out of dried flowers and leaves by using a branch as a base.

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