BEST 10 Electronic Design Automation Companies‎ in the USA

Statistics have shown that there are more Electronic Design Automation Companies coming into existence in the United States. Due to this, there is always going to be a problem with which one to choose. This article will list some of the best companies in this category. Go through the list and choose the one that is appealing to you.

1 Aldec

Aldec is a highly reputable and experienced company. It was founded in 1984 and had its headquarters in Nevada, US. When it comes to providing both hardware and software which are used in the creation as well as verification of digital designs, it is fair enough to say that this company is one of the best around.

Its design creation as well as simulation have been highly creative. This is one of those electronic design automation companies that have been able to make a huge difference. Some of its products are FPGA solution, active-HDL, Alint-pro, Rivera-Pro, Daughter Cards, Tysom Boards, cloud, embedded, and many others. Its products are quite broad, though.

2 Austemper Design Systems Inc

This is another reliable company that provides the best software solutions in the USA. It commenced operation in 2015 and has managed to leave an indelible impression on its target audience over the years. This has made it earn a place as one of the best electronic design automation companies.

In 2018, it was announced that there was already a deal in place for siemens to become its parent company. Everyone knows the latter has been a powerhouse when it comes to matters regarding Healthcare, mobility, infrastructure, and industry.

3 Blue Pearl Software

Blue Pearl Software is another top company that is worth mentioning in the US. It is into the development of software to ensure IP, as well as FPGA designers, improve in terms of productivity. Its products have always been up to industry-specified standards. The IP and FPGA you will be getting access to are of high quality. Thus, they are very reliable and will ensure 100% efficiency in any organization where it is needed.

When it comes to verification and coding, it is fair enough to say that this is the best company in the USA. This is because its experts handle everything in the most professional manner. Its visual verification suite involves auto SDC generation, clock domain crossing, analysis RTL, and HDL creator.

4 Cadence Design Systems

Cadence is a company that deserves to be categorized as one of the most reputable electronic design automation companies. Regarding areas like IP, design tools, and IP, it is one of the leaders in the industry with an exceptional record of meeting the demand and expectations of companies.  Since coming into existence in 1998, it has been helping to design automation systems for companies.

The world of information technology has advanced over the years. Many companies that are into designing of electronic automation systems are trying to catch up with such a trend. Cadence design systems aren’t an exception. It has the most up-to-date tools and an experienced team. These are used in the designing and verification of chips. Also, it has got tools that will enable you to take care of problems related to system-level verification, PCB design, IC package, custom IC and more.

Cadence design systems aren’t an exception. It has the most up-to-date tools and an experienced team. These are used in the designing and verification of chips.

5 Rambus, Inc.

This company is specialized in designing and developing chip interfaces. The best part is that its products are licensed and approved. Therefore, you can rest assured that they align with the industry standards. The hardware and software created by this company are quite innovative. Some of its products include crypto media, anti-counterfeiting, DPA countermeasures, software protocols, protocol engines, server DIMM chipsets, memory Phys, digital controllers, server DIMM chipsets, provisioning and key management, and more.

This company is specialized in designing and developing chip interfaces.

6 Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation is another top company that is worth dealing with when it comes to electronic automation. It was founded in 1903 and has been able to rise to the top with some breathtaking innovations. Its organizational structure has been categorized into 3 parts. These are lifecycle, software & control, and intelligent devices services. When it comes to connecting your imaginations and bringing them into reality, this is the right company you should look up to.

Again, it has proven to be an expert when it comes to rendering services related to industrial automation. The goal is to ensure that its customer becomes more productive. You will find lots of solutions, technologies, software, and hardware.

7 Emerson Electric Co

Since this company came into existence in 1890, it has been offering different categories of services to members of the public. These could be measurement & analytical instrumentation, software, regulators, actuators, digital plant solutions, and many others. It is true that many reliable and trusted companies have been mentioned in this post. However, it is fair enough to consider this as the best amongst all of these electronic design automation companies.

It has managed to render top services over the years. This is why it is grouped among fortune 500 manufacturers. It has two major business platforms. These are automation and innovation. This company has been able to combine engineering and technology successfully. Some of what it designs are software, systems, electronic & electrical equipment.

8 Applied Materials

Applied Materials is another company that has managed to make a mark when it comes to electronic design automation. It is also into the rendering services related to fabricating of chips for semiconductors. Since coming into existence in 1967, it has been meeting the expectations of clients with some breathtaking innovations and ideas.

Its services or products are useful in the manufacturing of smartphones, computer panel displays, solar products, and televisions. This has been a major leader in the field of material engineering solutions. It is one of the brains behind most of the new chips you will find on the market. In a nutshell, Applied Materials is into designing and manufacturing materials that are used in semiconductors today.

9 Plexus Corp

Plexus Corp is a company that has managed to lead by example with some really stunning innovations. It provides a very broad range of services in electronic designs as well as manufacturing. Since coming into existence in 1979, it has provided some of the best complex automation designs and automated production solutions.

It has a team of highly experienced engineers who usually come up with state-of-the-art innovations. Its solutions can even make complicated or complex products look very simple. No matter the kind of automated product design you want to create, there is no need to bother. This is because Plexus Corp can help out.

10 Brooks Automation Inc

This is one of those reliable and trusted electronic design automation companies that have been making headlines. Some of its products are tool automation systems, atmospheric & vacuum robots, robotic modules, and thermal management solutions. Since commencing operations in 1979, it has managed to partner with some of the biggest companies around rendering services that are related to electronic design automation.

Given its expertise, there is no doubting the fact that its customers have the most automated advantages. This is due to how it renders services that are capable of improving overall manufacturing processes. Apart from automated solutions, it also provides contamination control solutions.

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