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Top 10 Most Recommended VOIP Phone Services for Small Businesses

The importance of using a reliable and trusted VOIP service for your small business can hardly be overemphasized. This is because it helps in enhancing effective communication between companies and their clients/customers. There is also the benefit of allowing conference calls which is excellent during meetings. VOIP phone services remain very important for the growth of any small business.

The problem is that most small business owners don’t know how to choose the best VOIP phone services given the numerous options on the internet. aims, at this post, to list out some of the best VOIP phone companies online. These have earned the trust of small business owners over the years with some uncompromising services.

1 RingCentral

RingCentral is excellent for one reason is the fact that its services can be hired for any business. Its VoIP services are not just cloud-hosted but also very easy to install. There is always a specialist assigned to handle your installation. This will help you to experience all the benefits that it offers without any hassle. There is the 7-layer security process that you use to ensure your information is not compromised by unauthorized parties. Its global redundant data centers are also worth talking about. These are some of the reasons why it renders services of 99.99% uptime. There are also various features like a virtual assistant, screen calls, call recording, and many others.

2 Ooma

Ooma is a VoIP phone service that can meet your small business needs without any compromise. If you want to explore its video conferencing features, it is recommended to go for the Pro plan. Through this, over 20 participants can be supported simultaneously. Very few companies offer effective cloud hosting services and on-premises hardware like this one. In November 2020, it added conferencing to its already impressive list of services. Features of its video conference can be explored using any web browser. This is proof of its high level of flexibility. There is also a desktop app you can make use of. It means that without any technical experience, you can still enjoy its features. Omma is known for its high-speed internet router.

3 Nextiva

When it comes to VoIP phone services that are reliable, Nextiva is one company that has managed to make the dreams of most small businesses come true. The features it offers are quite robust. This is the reason why over 100,000 businesses are patronizing its services. Some of these features are call routing, advanced IVR, virtual fax, ticket management, deal tracking, voicemail-to-text, reporting dashboards, and call recording. There is also an app that is compatible with iOS and Windows OS. The collaboration tools here are also pretty impressive, like team chat, screen sharing, and video conferencing.

4 8×8

One of the major reasons why 8×8 has become very popular among small businesses is its cost-effective pricing. The rates charged for international calls are cheap. There is also its effective customer support system which is ever-present to help whenever you seem to have hit a roadblock. Another benefit of using this platform is that third-party software/applications are allowed. These can be Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Zendesk, and Salesforce. Regardless of the plan you choose, its features are always worth every penny. The X4 plan is better than others since it allows unlimited calls within over 40 countries. There are also call analytics and operator switchboards.

5 Verizon

Verizon is probably one of the best in the world when it comes to VoIP phone services for small businesses. It may be expensive, but the credibility that it has managed to build over the years can serve as a guarantee that will properly address your business needs. The Business Digital Voice plan starts at $35. With this, you will get numerous (over 30) calling features. Calls can be managed from your device. It is also possible to route calls to a group of employees. There is also the chance to reroute calls in case a power outage happens. There are other better plans you can explore apart from this one, though. Verizon is a telecommunications giant, and its offers are proof of such.

6 Grasshopper

In case you run a business whereby employees seem to work outside their offices, Grasshopper is the best option to explore. It comes with a mobile app that enables you to work from anywhere around the world without limitations. It is possible not just to make calls but also to send messages. With Grasshopper, all the users in the network will be given their own personal extensions. Its most expensive plan remains the Small Team which charges around $89 per month. This allows about six users.

7 Jive

This is now called Goto Connect, and it deserves to be mentioned among some of the best on this list when it comes to VoIP phone services. It is effective in end-to-end encryption technology for phone calls. This means your calls are fully secured. It comes with a dashboard that enables you to track every device connected to your network. If there are unauthorized users having access to your network, such will be indicated. There is also an add-on for video conferencing. Finally, the flexible pricing plans make it comfortable for small business owners.

8 CallHippo

With CallHippo, everything is as easy as they sound. For instance, you don’t necessarily need a desk phone for calls to be made. This is because all of such can be done from its online dashboard. The web-based interface is user-friendly and offers some basic features like call forwarding, caller ID, and a phone number. The free plan is perfect if your business can’t upgrade for now due to limited resources. After some time, you can start using the paid plan, which starts from $8 per month.

9 Vonage

The services that Vonage renders are 100% cloud-based. This means you will not be struggling with downloading and installing apps. The features you will get access to here are of very high quality. These can be in the form of messaging, video, and voice. There are also screen sharing, file sharing, conferencing, and chat features. Apart from cheap rates for international calls, there is also the benefit of your customers being assisted on a 24/7 basis. This is due to their 99.99% uptime services.

10 Skype

Skype is probably one of the cheapest options you can find on the internet when it comes to VoIP phone services. One of the benefits is that it is compatible with all the advanced and sophisticated Microsoft apps. Also, you can hold business meetings with 250 people. The only drawback is that compared to the other companies mentioned above, it seems to lag in the aspect of robust VoIP features. It is a perfect option for small businesses, though.

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