Top 10 Tech Skills In Demand Worldwide

There are some skills needed in the marketplace, to get a profitable job. In the field of technology, you should have some special skills, to surpass others, or at least to have your own position in a company. If you are interested in technology, you can join us in this article, where you can find a list of the top ten Tech Skills In Demand in 2015.

10 Cloud Security

Security keeps on being a main concern for industries considering a migration to cloud. It is also a thought that carries on being a top main concern once companies have changed to cloud. In 2015, with the sustained mass acceptance of cloud, required for professionals who can show cloud security skills will be elevated.

9 Data Science

Companies are starting to pull great returns from big data via the help of hottest data scientist expert. Uniting a deep thought of industry with the ability to examine, discover and write patterns in data, the data scientist can hit upon and deal with business problems. Skills with regard to data science are expected to be in the middle of the most demanded in 2015. This set of skills is in transition yet usually combines information of mathematics, statistics and data analysis.

8 Virtualization

Companies are searching for great exploiting server capacity, whether on basis or in the cloud, they desire hiring professionals with virtualization skills. Training and reaching the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification – Data Center Virtualization certification will lend a hand to grow virtualization skills.

7 Secure Coding

The mobile and desktop application market has blown up in recent years. Businesses seeking to develop software for interior use or outer sale depend on the growth of secure applications. This defends the organization from any dangers resulting from the release of damaged applications such as class action lawsuits as well as data theft. Consequently, the procedure of developing computer software that protects against the introduction of security vulnerabilities, called secure coding, is an ability set very important to any organization.

6 Mobile Application Development

As businesses increasingly set up mobile applications for employees and applications, they are changing into a rising number of these applications to the cloud. Professionals having the skills to appreciate how all these pieces as well as processes are in shape together, as they are of huge value in the present market place.

5 Help desk/technical support

IT managers state they still have a rising need for help desk as well as technical support staffers due to current projects expand the list of devices as well as applications that their departments must hold up. It is noted that the rising number of companies implementing bring-your-own-device programs has also stimulated the must for more support professionals, as both the quantity and diversity of hardware plus software within organizations is reproducing.

4 Database administration

The murmur around big data is what’s leading much of today’s order for people having this skill. You’ve got the skill to chomp great amounts of data, yet you still require understanding how your database has been put jointly.

3 Networking

Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Forecast as well as Local Trend reported that about 57% of U.S. technology executives stated that network administration needs to be on high level in the list of skills required in their organizations. That’s in proportion to the staffing requirements at the University of Pennsylvania, in which IT leaders in the Information Systems & Computing department deemed networking among the seven skills that they want most. They are searching for people having know-how in IP routing, switching, firewall filtering, as well as packet tracing/debugging, network management, and virtual environments plus integration.


As big data and cloud reproduce the market, it is seen that there is growing in status of NoSQL databases. Experts who have the skills to make use of, or certainly know when to keep away from, NoSQL will present flexibility, competence and nimbleness within operations.

1 Enterprise Architecture

As the complication of organizations boost, businesses are discovering ever-increasing value in the flourishing implementation of enterprise architecture. This has caused extensive adoption of enterprise architecture by business as well as a boost in demand architects. The Open Group Architecture Framework is managing architecture now, it is rumored to be used in 80% of Fortune 500 companies. Architects most desired are those capable of demonstrating TOGAF, in particular those that clutch the associated TOGAF certification.



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