Top 10 Best Future Trends in Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) has completely changed the way people live their lives. It has created new habits and methods of living that were not there 10 years ago. Look at how your kids are spending their free time and how you used to spend it. Well, when you even compare your kids to each other, you might find a big difference. Many of the effects of technology were not present in the past, but we see most of them now to feel the big difference. It is not only about the technological devices which are offered, but new research questions are born like the one about the interface between brain and computer. The major trends that sweep the markets are balancing technology with price. It is a good chance for many people who love to follow the latest technological trends.

In the future, it is expected that the price issue will be replaced by the experience any manufacturer offers to users. The question would be how to reach more customers through offering the best experience not the best or lowest price. At the present time, nearly everything shared there is a common concern among producers and users alike. As for manufacturers and inventors, they design their products and ensure that they will absolutely give them the feedback that will help them to thrive. Here is a list of the most prominent of these trends that will have more effect not just at the present time, but also in the future.

10 Robotics

A revolution in humanoid robots has just come out of Boston Dynamics; a company specializes in robot manufacturing. The company’s new invention is a robot that can walk and run with nearly the same smooth as humans and it does not matter whether it is doing this on smooth or rough roads. Robots are going to be our friends and will help in doing housework.


Brain-Computer Interface or BCI is the technology that allows people to control computers through their brains. It is extremely helpful for disabled people with different types of paralysis. It has already enabled them to give commands to the computer in order to get their needs satisfied.

8 Electronics

A great number of the electronic devices that people own have by now become commonplace inventions. Since Google glasses, more companies have started to produce more devices following the same trend. Devices that help people check their health like the heart rate monitors and the smart shoes helping blind people to explore their place are extremely useful.

7 Drones

Known as drones, the helicopters with highly sensitive sensors and advanced cameras are of great use to farmers. They replace farmers in terms of monitoring the fields and giving feedback about crops status.

6 3D Printing

If you work in the field of electronics or it happened that you made an electronic circuit before, you will agree that doing or printing this is a comprehensive and tiring process. The conductive ink trend saves engineers a considerable amount of time and a huge effort to finish their circuits easily and quickly. 3D printing is going to be cheaper which will make it incredibly spread at an increasing rate.


Human Brain Project (HBP) is the best of the modern technology projects. With nearly all the big universities around the world, HBP got a European funding of several billion dollars in 2013. The project aims to create a complete map or build a detailed model of the human brain to enable its robotic simulation.

4 Smart machines

Thanks to the new and advanced technological systems that are available at the present time, we will witness a great revolution in the history of machines to find smart machines that we did not see before. There will be advanced robots and autonomous vehicles that can depend on themselves and act according to what they learn. Such machines are going to be the most disruptive in the history of information technology.

3 Online streaming of TV

One of the hottest trends that are going to grow in this year is watching television content including shows, advertisements, movies and more online instead of the traditional way of watching them on TVs. It seems that we are going to throw the TVs that we have in the following years!

2 Smart homes

You can say that everything you use is going to be smart in the following years. In addition to the smart machines, our homes are also expected to be smart and more helpful thanks to the sensors that will be placed everywhere. Your smart home can help you to send messages, know who is at your home and it can also alert you if there is something plugged.

1 Non-verbal communication

To share minds and non-verbally communicate with others was like a dream. We sometimes hope that we can read others’ thoughts or get others understand how we feel or what we think of but without talking. But do you know that dreams do not always stay impossible and there is one day in which they come true.

One of the most amazing future trends to be found in information technology is the ability to non-verbally communicate with others or share minds with the use of a headset making this trend perfect for dumb people and even those who cannot express their feelings and thoughts through using words. There are also other devices that can help you to complete different tasks through just thinking of them such as turning off lights and turning on the TV.

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