Top 10 Schools for Artificial Intelligence in the USA

The following universities have some of the most diverse and vibrant artificial intelligence programs in the world. They are some of the best artificial intelligence schools in the country selected for you by Topteny online magazine.

1 Purdue University

The best school to study artificial intelligence in the US is Purdue University. The school offers the Machine Intelligence track as a sub-segment of its program towards a computer science degree. Purdue University is the leading school for artificial intelligence in the USA because of the variety of its coursework. The school has excellent artificial intelligence programs for students at both the Undergraduate and Master’s level. The school has a unique research area where Machine Learning with Information Retrieval provides diverse research opportunities. Purdue University is located at West Lafayette in Indiana.

2 University of California

U.C. Berkeley is one of the most excellent schools to study artificial intelligence in the USA. The school offers cognitive science as parts of its bachelor of science program. This program is such a blended degree program that combines several disciplines to prepare students for a great career in artificial intelligence. Students can excel in other related fields because of the diversity and variety of the artificial intelligence program at U.C. Berkeley. However, the reason why U.C. Berkeley is on this list is due to its dedication to artificial intelligence research.

Furthermore, it has over twenty-four faculties that support its research endeavors. The school has been honored and awarded many times for its research facilities and program. The school has one of the most comprehensive artificial intelligence programs in the USA. It also has many research groups.

3 Indiana University

Indiana University in Bloomington in Indiana offers one of the most concentrated artificial intelligence programs in the USA. It is the only university on this list that provides a standalone and full-fledged program in artificial intelligence. This program is a major on its own and not attached to any computer science degree. The school offers a bachelor of science program in Intelligent Systems Engineering. It provides students to move with little footsteps to conquer the world. The school allows its students to focus on various artificial intelligence-related careers. Additionally, the school also offers a Master’s program in the field.

4 University of Washington

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. The University of Washington in Seattle offers an artificial intelligence program through its Computer Science and Engineering program. The variety of the program makes it a must on this list. Students get prepared for an excellent career in artificial intelligence at the end of their programs. While in school, they get to select from sixteen different specializations. Lots of these specializations are innovative and diverse. The school has fascinating courses for enthusiasts of artificial intelligence. The school has developed a remarkable curriculum that mixes art and science in the most excellent ways. The school also plays host to a stellar artificial intelligence group for research purposes. This group comprises over 30 faculties with published works, honors, and awards for their foray in the field of artificial intelligence.

5 Carnegie Mellon University

The Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has a Computer Science school that offers an excellent artificial intelligence program. The school is a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence because it started the artificial intelligence bachelor’s degree program in the whole of the USA. CMU had commenced the program in 2018. It is still offering two degrees in the specialized program. The school’s artificial intelligence programs are blended and interdisciplinary. It brings instructors from various institutes and departments. The school was the developer of the Libratus computer program. The school has made forays in several artificial intelligence and robotics programs and challenges.

6 University of Texas

The University of Texas at Austin is on this list because it offers a diverse artificial intelligence program. The school gives students the chance to make a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The program has a unique curriculum and comes with several multi-disciplinary courses like robotics, computer vision, and autonomous computer systems. The school’s program was ranked among the leading ten programs by a premier AI-based news publication establishment. The school has several research groups who study at its College of Natural Science. The schools’ s research projects focus on a diverse range of AI-based topics.

7 Stanford University

Stanford University at Stanford, California, has one of the most vibrant AI programs in the USA. It is a global research and teaching destination for artificial intelligence-related applications. The school has undertaken researches and studies in artificial intelligence starting from 1962. It offers courses, organizes events, and conducts outreaches to other schools. The school had invested extensively in its artificial intelligence program to help students prepare for a great career in robotics and artificial intelligence. Stanford University is among the best destinations for both native Americans and foreigners. The school is among the top-rated schools in the world. It is only natural that it’s artificial intelligence school is among the top ten in the USA.

8 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT is located in Cambridge in Massachusetts. It was established in 1861 due to the need to fill the industrial and technology demands of the country. The school offers lots of technology-based programs. It is rich in applications related to artificial intelligence. Students have the luxury to choose which one specific artificial intelligence-related course to choose from. With programs in Robotics, Machine learning, cognitive science, and so on, students can major in any of these disciplines. The school has its artificial intelligence research laboratory for experimentation and research started in 1959. The school has quite the most excellent facilities for artificial intelligence. Its Computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory is a unique infrastructure that complements most of the school’s artificial intelligence and other related programs.

9 Harvard University

Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, also runs a highly competitive artificial intelligence program in the USA. The school is among the leading destinations for students interested in studying artificial intelligence in the USA.  Harvard University is a top school of choice for both native Americans and foreigners looking to get the best headstart in artificial intelligence. The school boasts of the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences as the primary center for artificial intelligence. The center was established back in 2007. As a top school in the USA, Harvard has one of the best facilities dedicated to artificial intelligence in the entire country.

10 University of Georgia

The University of Georgia at Athens is a leading school in artificial intelligence, and therefore, it deserves an honorable mention on this list. Located in Athens, the school is a significant center for artificial intelligence studies and research centers in the USA’s southern regions. The University of Georgia attracts both students from inside and outside the country to its innovative programs in artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence program is conducted in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. It houses the whole institute of artificial intelligence. Students can decide to get a major degree in Cognitive Science. They can then choose from several disciplines to concentrate on. From these disciplines, you have artificial intelligence as an option. The school has the only Master’s program in the USA that concentrates only on AI. Students are exposed to several courses like Microelectronics, Logic programming, robotics, cognitive modeling, to name a few.

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