5 Key Factors to Consider While Buying CBD Product

The popularity of CBD products is at an all-time high. As scientists start to understand more about what the benefits may be, that popularity is only going to rise. But what are CBD products? A CBD product is any product you can buy, which contains CBD oil, or cannabidiol. These products include:

  • Oil
  • Edibles
  • Vapes
  • Capsules
  • Coffee
  • Creams and Other Topical Treatments

Savvy consumers should be aware of a few things to look out for when purchasing CBD. Here’s our expert guide to buying CBD products.

1 Where Did It Come From?

CBD brands should be completely transparent about where their product comes from and how it’s produced. Factors you might want to consider include

  • Type of hemp plant used
  • Production process
  • Extraction process
  • Where the hemp is physically grown

Hemp plant types vary, but the best CBD products tend to come from industrial hemp, which is the species of plant called Cannabis Sativa L.This plant is deliberately bred to be lower in THC, which makes the extraction process more straightforward and safer. You should be able to check with your supplier as to what type of hemp is being used to create their CBD products. Thinking about where the hemp is grown is also about considering how far it had to travel. Does this product have a huge carbon footprint? It’s legal to grow hemp in the USA, so really, there’s no need for manufacturers to be importing hemp from other countries. Manufacturers of CBD should all be following the guidelines within the Good Manufacturing Practice Resources. This includes things like quality control and ensuring a consistent product in all aspects of production, which can help set consumers’ minds at ease.

2 Extraction Processes of CBD Used in Your Products

There are several ways to extract CBD from hemp:

  • Ethanol Oil Extraction
  • Olive Oil Extraction
  • CO2 Extraction

Ethanol CBD extraction is generally considered the cheapest method. Alcohol (ethanol) is used with raw hemp to produce a high-quality CBD oil, but it may also contain chlorophyll, the green pigment, which plants use to photosynthesize sunlight. This can give it a poor flavor. The alcohol may also destroy some of the beneficial elements of the CBD oil. Olive oil can be used to extract CBD. This process involves heating the plant material, then adding it to olive oil and heating it some more. Filtration is required, but all in all, this is a lengthy yet simple process. CO2 CBD oil extraction is possibly one of the most effective as it results in extremely pure CBD oil with little to no impurities. Supercritical (in both gas and liquid form) CO2 is used as a non-toxic solvent to extract the phytonutrients from the hemp plant. Low temperatures are used, which helps protect the beneficial CBD.

3 THC Levels in Products

Does CBD oil have THC in it? This is a common concern for many people. For a product to be classed as CBD only and not marijuana, it has to have THC levels of less than 0.3%. This ensures that the product has no intoxicating effects. It’s important to remember that CBD is just one of many chemicals from the hemp plant. THC is the chemical known to get people “high” and is also the chemical associated with many adverse effects. CBD so far has not been associated with similar effects, and in fact, may have many beneficial supportive impacts on wellbeing. That’s why CBD extraction is done so carefully to ensure any amount of THC in the finished product is negligible.

4 Be Aware of Synthetic CBD

Synthetic CBD is an alternative form that has been created artificially. Scientists have been working on this since real CBD was used to help create an anti-seizure drug called Epidiolex. Having a synthetic version means pharmaceutical companies and research teams have easier access to the relevant chemicals without waiting for plants to grow or paying for the land to grow them on. Synthetic CBD has not yet been shown to have the same supportive effects that natural oil may have. Research is still ongoing, and so far, there is no concrete evidence that synthetic CBD could be a viable alternative for plant-based CBD.

5 The Reputation of the Brand

Finally, always look at the reputation of the brand you’re buying CBD products from. Check out their reviews. Ask them questions. Can they give you advice on dosage? Do they recommend useful products for beginners? A great brand should be transparent about all the points listed above, and also be delighted to help with any further questions you might have.

These products have come a long way in a short time. Follow our tips to safe buying, and join the vast number of people enjoying CBD products as part of their daily wellness routine. Be sure to check out the official Green Roads website to explore their high quality, pharmacist-formulated products.

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