Top 10 Physical and Mental Benefits of Fasting

Fasting has to do with the ability of someone to abstain from water or food over a given period of time. Sometimes, this may sound very scary to most people who haven’t done it before. There are lots of reasons why Muslims all over the world, engage in fasting which could be for physical, mental and spiritual purposes.

However, there is one thing which is certain as a Muslim. This is the fact that you will not be able to get the best from your fast if you aren’t aware of some of its benefits. Having such awareness ensures that your efforts aren’t in vain as you will be able to get whatever your heart desires within such a period of time.

The major aim of this post is to have you exposed to some of the mental benefits of Muslim fasting. There is no doubt that after discovering these benefits, you will want to be consistent enough during a fast so as to ensure that you get the desired result.

1 Creation of Additional Brain Cells  
This is one of the major benefits of mental fasting. Unfortunately, there are Muslims who aren’t aware of this wonderful benefit. Through a mental fast, there is every chance that your brain power gets enhanced. According to experts, fasting will help to ensure that neurogenesis rates inside the brain are increased.
Neurogenesis has to do with the development of nerve tissues and brain cells that are new in the brain of an individual. This doesn’t only improve the focus of an individual but also ensures that his brain performances are enhanced.

brain cells Top 10 Physical and Mental Benefits of Fasting - 2 fasting benefits

2 Miracle Grow Inside The Brain Can Be Boosted 
Mental fasting will not only help to increase the neurogenesis rate inside your brain as it can also ensure that a vital protein production is boosted inside the brain. The protein is referred to as BDNF. According to research, BDNF has been discovered to be responsible for the development in neuroplasticity.
Through such a development, the brain will be able to adapt to changes easily. Also, it helps in how the brain adjusts to stress. This implies that as you are fasting, your brain will adapt to the various unusual circumstances surrounding any environment that you find yourself.

brain Top 10 Physical and Mental Benefits of Fasting - 3 fasting benefits

3 Supercharging of Brain Energy 
This is perhaps another wonderful mental benefit of Muslim fasting. Have you ever noticed that when you fast as a Muslim, you don’t easily get tired? It may be difficult to believe most especially once you haven’t tried it out before. Through this activity, mitochondrial biogenesis gets boosted. There are also cases where mitochondria which are new will be created.
In case you don’t know, mitochondria do have the responsibility of enabling the cells inside your body to function properly. They are also present in the brain and can ensure that it has more power.

meditation Top 10 Physical and Mental Benefits of Fasting - 4 fasting benefits

4 Human Growth Hormone Is Boosted 
This is another unknown benefit of Muslim fast. It has been discovered that Human Growth Hormone hasn’t only got longevity but also anti – ageing benefits. However, studies have also shown that it can have some neuroprotective effects. This will help to ensure that there is not only better brain health as your brain performance will improve significantly. It is important you note the fact that HGH which actually stems from a source that is exogenous isn’t recommended for the body in any way.

hormonal growth Top 10 Physical and Mental Benefits of Fasting - 5 fasting benefits

5 New Cells Are Created In The Brain 
This is perhaps another obvious benefit of Muslim fasting that can improve you. Patients who didn’t eat for a particular period of time where tested and it was discovered that the counts of their white blood cells were reduced. What this does imply is that there are immune cells which are either damaged or not working as they ought to. Through fasting, brand new cells will get created. Stem cells will be made use of for this process to take place. The cells created will be healthy which will ensure the better function of the brain.

brain and food Top 10 Physical and Mental Benefits of Fasting - 6 fasting benefits

6 Treatment of Brain Tumor  
It has been researched and discovered that fasting can help in the process of treating brain tumor. According to experts, once an individual that is suffering from brain tumour engages in fasting, the cancer cells will then become exposed or susceptible to chemotherapy effects. This will ensure that cells which are healthy get produced.
Another study that was carried out was that mice (glioma cells) were deprived of food for about 2 days before chemotherapy using temozolomide. This brought about new cells being produced in their brains.

brain tumours Top 10 Physical and Mental Benefits of Fasting - 7 fasting benefits

7 Increase In Willpower 
According to experts, fasting can improve the willpower of an individual. This is due to the fact that it is an exercise which is spiritual as individuals engaging in it do believe that they aren’t short in any aspect of their lives. It helps the brain to create that high level of self – belief as well as self – esteem in the individuals. There is always this positive feeling in them that they are better than everyone else.

will power Top 10 Physical and Mental Benefits of Fasting - 8 fasting benefits

8 Building and Cleansing Benefit  
Through eating, our body does store both toxins and nutrients. This is referred to as the phase of building by experts. It is vital for having nutrients being stored in the body during the period of scarcity and hormone insulin is what leads it.
However, the phase of cleaning starts once you fast. It is a phase that seems to be catabolic naturally and will ensure damaged cells get destroyed. This is perhaps where brain autophagy gets turned on. It is a process whereby cells will start to get repaired.

healthy body Top 10 Physical and Mental Benefits of Fasting - 9 fasting benefits

9 Mental Alert 
This is one of the major reasons why most Muslims do fast over various periods of time. It has been discovered that fasting makes the brain to be very much on alert. This is because it is more like a stage whereby individuals who engage in it are very observant about themselves. They are conscious about how they behave over such period of time and also the things taking place around them.

mental health physical health Top 10 Physical and Mental Benefits of Fasting - 10 fasting benefits

10 Prevention of Neuro-Degenerative Diseases 
Neurogenesis seems to be a process whereby neural stem cells get differentiated into neurons. Through these, synapses will be grown and formed. Fasting can help to ensure that diseases related to various sections of the brain are prevented in the best way possible.

protection against neurodeg Top 10 Physical and Mental Benefits of Fasting - 11 fasting benefits

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