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What Is So Special About Texas Olive Oil?

What is nature’s favorite oil? The answer to that is simply obvious. For centuries, olive oil has been the center of attention locally as well as internationally, credits to its versatility in a wide range of different recipes and its nutritional value. A golden product that originated from the Mediterranean region is being used worldwide now, thanks to smart marketing which helped in promoting its potential. Many large firms such as Texas Hill Country Olive Co. also sponsored lots of research and brilliantly promoted its product to consumers as well as nutritional experts. This liquid is commonly extracted by crushing the most organic olives with utmost precision through chemical or mechanical means and has several types and by-products. From extra virgin to pomace, a myriad of varieties is being produced. Now, the real question is, ‘what makes this particular oil so special? ‘What is the reason behind its worldwide fame’?

Here’s to all the overwhelming questions, let this article enlighten all its readers with the specialty of Texas olive oil.

Texas Olive Oil
Texas Olive Oil is commonly extracted by crushing the most organic olives with utmost precision through chemical or mechanical means and has several types and by-products.

1 It’s Healthy

Texas Olive Oil For the Body

  • Source of monounsaturated fats:  Because it is rich in antioxidants, it acts as a barrier for the body against cellular damage that can result in several health conditions and diseases. Experts claim that olive oil is dominated by the healthiest fat known as the monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). So, for all those wishing to start a healthy diet, Texas olive oil is the best healthy switch as it is rich in healthy monounsaturated fatty acids ready to fight any heart disease, blood sugar, or bad cholesterol. Another interesting specialty is that it tends to contain more MUFAs than sunflower, sesame, coconut, or corn oil!
  • Source of good cholesterol:  Moreover, nature’s favorite oil has the potential to remove any kind of toxins in the bloodstream, thanks to its production of good cholesterol and proteins. This also proves to be massively beneficial for the cardiovascular system, mainly promoting a healthy heart. A 2018 study showed that people who included olive oil in their diet had a lower occurrence of cardiovascular diseases than those on a low-fat diet. Because they are exceptionally healthy and profuse in MUFAs, they help in reducing bad cholesterol. Moreover, they come with strong antioxidants which are biologically active and may reduce the chances of chronic diseases. They also comprise anti-inflammatory properties which battle against inflammation and safeguard the blood cholesterol from oxidation — two major benefits that promote heart health and make this oil a special one!
  • Brilliant for digestion: For people who face frequent indigestion problems, follow this friendly advice and indulge in Texas olive oil. Excessive nutrition stimulates the digestive system and helps food pass through the colon much more easily.

For the Skin

  • Moisturizer: The specialty of this blessing in disguise doesn’t halt here. For all those people desiring to have soft, smooth skin, it is the ultimate moisturizer. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains as well as vitamin E, minerals, and good fats, it helps rejuvenate dull, withered skin by returning its shine and radiance. Also, due to the vitamin E, it contains, skin issues like inflammation, acne, and dryness are long gone.
  • Firming and lifting: What more a person wants than to have skin that looks as young and fresh as ever? Enriched with firming and lifting properties, olive oil is remarkable for reducing wrinkles, making the person look young and fresh lifelong. Try pairing this wonderful product with different ingredients such as lemon juice, honey, or even coconut oil to achieve clear, wrinkle-free skin.

For the hair

  • Hair Conditioner: As for the hair, ditch those conditioners and hair creams when there is such a versatile product in the house. Not only does it soften the skin, but beautifully smoothes dry, frizzy, and dull hair. The hair smoothening and strengthening properties of this oil is what make it so special and customers favorite, especially, among ladies! It’s also packed with vitamin E- another way it softens and strengthens the weak, lifeless locks.
  • Reduces Dandruff: This golden liquid is known for treating dandruff effectively. The moisture in it conditions the scalp thus decreases scalp irritation which further reduces dandruff.
Healthy Olive Oil
One of the key specialties of this Texas olive oil is the health benefits it offers. Be it the skin, hair, or body, it has a solution for everything!

2 Texas Olive Oil In The Kitchen

The best part about Texas olive oil is that its functionality is not limited to a specific area. On one hand, it provides enormous benefits to the body, on the other hand, it is extremely useful in the kitchen as well. Use it raw or for frying, it has the potential to suit any purpose. The extra virgin is the ideal choice here, especially for frying because it is stable at high temperatures. The foods cooked in this way will be rich with the delicate notes of the oil. What’s more? The high antioxidant properties could potentially reduce the number of harmful chemicals produced during cooking. As for using it raw, it incredibly goes with anything cooked such as salad dressings, vegetables, pasta, bean dishes, and grilled fish. A drizzle or two adds shine and wonderful richness to the food. It can also be used to upgrade and bring a special flavor to desserts, pasta, or even sauces.

Olive Oil In The Kitchen
Texas olive oil provides enormous benefits to the body, on the other hand, it is extremely useful in the kitchen as well.

3 Texas Olive Oil As A Gift

Be it a mother’s day gift or a corporate gift, Texas olive oil fits into every shoe. For all those mothers who love to get pampered, surprise them with this unique olive oil spa gift from Texas Hill Country Olive Co. Because of its immense skincare benefits, it classifies as the perfect gift for adults. Apart from this, for bosses intending to present their clients with end-of-year gifts, Texas olive oil is at their service. Mainly, because it’s highly useful which certifies that the gift will actually get used. Secondly, it exhibits class and culture. Cooking in high-quality oil makes food more impressive without any hard work or extra steps! Gifts should be unique and stand apart from the mainstream ones, and this gift definitely stands out from the conventional appreciation certificates.

Texas Olive Oil As A Gift
For all those mothers who love to get pampered, surprise them with this unique olive oil spa gift from Texas Hill Country Olive Co. Because of its immense skincare benefits.

Final Words

Texas olive oil from Texas Hill Country Olive Co. is a game-changer. Use it for any purpose and watch it do wonders. Its versatility is extraordinary. This is what makes this oil so special, so unique and so famous!

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