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10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe Online Streaming Services

Online streaming services are rapidly gaining popularity throughout the globe as people love to watch TV shows and movies whenever they wish based on their choice. There are several benefits of subscribing to online streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime which includes access to high-quality original shows, unlimited movies, various live events and a vast video library. The multiple benefits of online streaming services over traditional TV are listed below.

1 Convenience

By subscribing to online streaming service providers like Amazon Prime and Netflix, you can choose your favorite videos and TV shows which are included in the library and watch them whenever and wherever you wish. This is a lot more convenient and comfortable than the usual TV channels in which the programs are telecasted only at a specific time, and you might miss your favorite shows in case you are traveling somewhere. You can watch your favorite HBO documentaries and the newly released foreign movies all in one place at your preferred time, so you can’t miss your favorite show anymore.

2 Flexibility

Traditional cable TV operators require you to sign long-term contracts which can be expensive and you can’t break away from the contract as you wish. On the other hand, online streaming services don’t impose such contracts, and you can discontinue your subscription whenever you wish. You can also subscribe to multiple streaming services as per your wish.

3 Low Cost

Online streaming services which allow you to access your favorite TV shows and on-demand movies using the Internet will cost you way less than what you have to pay monthly as rent for the traditional cable TV operator. The Basic plan for Netflix only costs $8 per month which is way too cheap than the monthly rental of any cable TV provider. If you want to watch the latest movies or TV shows you may have to choose a premium package with your cable TV provider. But online streaming services allow you to watch the latest movies and TV shows at a much lower price. The monthly subscription fee for streaming services like Amazon, Hulu or Netflix is much lower than the satellite TV or cable TV bill which keeps rising every year.

4 Multiple Platforms Support

Another major advantage of subscribing to online streaming services is that you can access your favorite media content from any device like a smartphone, smart TV, tablet or PC. If you subscribe to a cable TV package, you might not be able to access your favorite channels from a smartphone. But streaming services require a high-speed internet connection, and you can obtain instant access to your favorite videos from anywhere using any device like Phone, Laptop, Tablet or HD TV.

5 Free from Annoying Ads

Another advantage of subscribing to streaming service like Netflix is that you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies without any irritating ads in between the shows.  Even other providers like Hulu and Amazon Prime have special subscription packages which are free from advertisements.

6 Access to a Wide Variety of Content

Online streaming provides come up with a wide variety of latest movies and television shows which you might not be able to access from a traditional TV. You can get access to a diverse array of content which includes sports events, TV series, on-demand movies and even news. Streaming services like Netflix also broadcast their original TV series like Hemlock Grove, Gypsy, The Get Down, MindHunter, Stranger Things, etc. and the amount of exclusive content keeps growing constantly.

7 Access your favourite content from any Location

In traditional cable TV or satellite TV, you can only gain access to media content specific to your geographic location. But with online streaming services, you can access your favorite videos and TV shows from any geographic location. For example, you can watch American Netflix series from India or China using a VPN service. Similarly, if you have an Amazon firestick device and want to stream your favorite TV shows from a different location outside the US, you can find the best VPN for amazon firestick here.

Using a reliable VPN allows you to unblock your favorite content and bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by the streaming providers. Irrespective of your geographic location, you can log in to the streaming service account and gain instant access to your favorite media content. If you want to access your favorite Amazon Fire TV content from outside the U.S, you may get blocked due to copyright restrictions in your country. VPN is the best solution to overcome such problems.

8 Stream your favorite songs on the Go

Music streaming service like Apple Music and Spotify allow you to stream the latest music while you are on the go. All you need is just a high-speed mobile data, and you can access your favorite pop songs from your smartphone instantly. You can gain access to a huge music library with all latest music albums for as low as $10 per month which is excellent news for music lovers.

9 Playlists and Music Discovery

You can also discover your favorite music and get access to different playlists. For instance, Apple Music has playlists from the likes of Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and the Moji. You can gain access to thousands of playlists in Spotify which are created by their staff and long-time users. Subscribing to online streaming services allows you to discover new music and unlock your favorite songs.

10 Search for your Favourite Media and Get Recommendations

Online streaming providers like Netflix maintain a massive video library, and you can search for your favorite content easily. You can browse through the library and discover new content with a click of a button. Also, most streaming providers analyze your viewing habits and make recommendations for new TV shows and movies which is also a good reason for movie buffs to subscribe to such services.

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