10 Hidden Facts about Weight Loss Surgeries that You Must Know

The statistics of people suffering from obesity is shocking. While some people are looking for natural ways to overcome this problem to become normal once again, there are others who seem to fancy the option of surgery. Although the first option doesn’t have any side effects, the second one has been discovered to come with its implications.

The principal aim of this post is to reveal some of the facts about weight loss surgery which you need to know. Once you have discovered these, it will then be left to you to decide whether you still want to take such an option or not to lose weight. These are the top facts that doctors don’t want you to know.

1 Uncontrollable Defecation

Perhaps this is the first of them all. After such surgery, you will be prone to a situation which most experts refer to as dumping syndrome. This will happen anytime those foods which contain lots of sugar are taken into your system. Your digestive system will be processing them in a speedy way which will result in diarrhea. Other conditions that you will likely suffer from are shaking, vomiting and intense cramps. Please note that uncontrollable defecation can happen once you take anything which tastes good into your system.

 2 There Could Be Complications

There are doctors who have succeeded in making patients believe that there is no risk while undergoing weight loss surgery. If you are obese and plan for this surgery, prepare for the dangers that can come with it. For instance, it has been discovered to always come with risks during and after the operation. Some of the problems that weight loss surgery is likely to create in your body are abdominal pain, malnutrition, anemia, hernias, vomiting, gallstones, osteoporosis, bowel obstructions, blood clots, leakages, and others. The older you are, the more prone you will be to these problems.


 3 Poor Social Life

Weight loss surgery has been discovered to negatively impact the social life of those that have undergone the process over the years. This is because, in a bid to watch your weight unnecessarily, you will find yourself not being able to relate with loved ones the way that you used to. There are times when you may even be advised about people around regarding what you take into your system. If you are the type who enjoys his or her privacy, you wouldn’t want to be mixing up with such people again.

 4 It May Not Work 

No matter what your doctor tells you, it is essential to understand that weight loss surgeries don’t work all the time. You face the risk of getting back on the same spot where you initially started. Sometimes you may be advised to eat in small portions. The next thing you will know is that your consumption of such food will be high. The result is that you will start adding weight again.

 5 Exercising is Still Important 

Many find the process of embarking on exercises stressful and hectic. The truth is that after undergoing weight-loss surgery, you still need to carry out light activities. According to medical experts, doing exercises after weight loss surgery will ensure that you can maintain your shape. It is always a bad plan to eat without looking for a way to burn some calories. The only thing here is that it should be a light exercise like walking.

 6 It Can Lead to Depression

This is another implication of bariatric surgery which many people always suffer from. It has been discovered that there is a relationship or link between weight loss surgery and depression. There are some who have undergone the operation successfully while others have experienced depression after it. In a recent study, it was discovered that weight loss surgery could lead to lowered self–esteem and eating disorder. These are all agents or variables associated with depression.

 7  Higher Risk of Alcohol Intake

This may sound difficult to believe, but it is the truth. There have been researches carried out which showed that there is a link between bariatric surgery and alcohol consumption. That is to say; you are likely to take lots of alcohol into your system once you undergo such a process. Experts explained that this could be because the peak levels of alcohol of patients seem to be higher. Patients tend to arrive at such levels very quickly leading to alcohol abuse.

 8 It Can Be A Threat to Your Marriage

It is known that the patients who undergo a bariatric surgery experience changes in emotions. They become erratic in the way that they behave towards their spouses. Perhaps, for this reason, experts recommended that such patients should undergo a series of emotional guidance.

 9 It Is Costly

It doesn’t matter what your doctor is making you believe at the moment; the truth is that this is one decision which can put a hole in your pocket. If you are operating on a shoestring budget, this is an operation that you should avoid because of its cost. There are other natural options which you can pass through that are more affordable and effective. Depending on your doctor, bariatric surgery cost can be about $1500.

 10 Zero Soda Consumption

It is one of the implications of bariatric surgery that you probably haven’t considered to a great extent. You will no longer take carbonated beverages into your system because they have got the potentials of creating gas, this will make the stomach to expand unnecessarily. As an alternative, your doctor will recommend you take lots of water into your system. This may not be convenient for some people.

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