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Top 10 Most Wonderful Green Foods You Must Eat

Green is a color whose connotation is usually positive. It delivers the meaning of peace, tranquility, calmness, pureness, smoothness, and freshness. Even in foods, it is the same, the color green gives the feeling of healthy, almost all the green foods are very beneficial. If you are looking for healthy foods, follow this list of the top ten best green foods.

10 Spinach:

Spinach is a vital source of vitamins A and K. It has iron and folate. Eating spinach on a regular basis will maintain your body full with central vitamins and minerals. You may have raw spinach  on a sandwich or in a salad, you can also cut or slice it to add to soups and in cheese sauce.


9 Green Pepper:

Green peppers are a source of vitamin C, it is an antioxidant. This vitamin keeps skin healthy and is vital to heal wounds. Having this green vegetable is deemed to be a way for you to assist your body against cancer.


8 Mustard green:

Mustard greens have scalloped sides. They have a spicy taste and discharge a mustardy smell in cooking. Their sharp taste can be decreased by adding an acid, as vinegar, at the end of cooking. When you cook mustard greens, you can have only 10 calories in half a cup.


7 Swiss Chard:

Swiss chard has a soft texture that is just right for sautéing. Swiss chard has oxalates, that are to some extent decreased by cooking and can connect to calcium. Chard has 15 calories in half a cup and is a high-quality source of both vitamins A and C. A sweet-and-sour chard can be cooked by adding raisins to the greens.

Swiss Chard

6 Collards:

They have a chewy texture and a string cabbage-like taste. Collards are not trendy vegetable as many are not acquainted to them. They are well-liked with the uncooked food movement as the wide leaves are employed as a covering instead of bread. Collards are characteristically slow cooked with a smoked turkey leg.



5 Turnip greens:

Turnip leaves are a Southern favorite customarily cooked with animal protein. It is more loving than other greens and does not much cooking.Turnip greens is low in calories but it is full with vitamins A,C, and K and rich of calcium.



4 Broccoli:

It is a green vegetable rich in vitamin C and is deemed to be a vital source of vitamin A, potassium, as well as folate. Americans use about 6 pounds of it annually. Its stalks add both crunch and color to fries. If you merge fresh broccoli with pasta in the last three minutes of cooking, both of them will be stand by at the same time.



3 Iceberg Lettuce:

This lettuce is typically water. Yet it is one of the most popular leafy green and annually about 17 pounds of iceberg are eaten in America. It is not lacking all nutrition. It is a regular element on hamburgers and used in taco salads. It can be a green appetizer in order to attract people to a broader collection of green salads.


iceberg lettuce

2 Avocado:

Avocados have a lot of fat, but it is a sort that nutrition experts prefer as it is the cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated. They also have lutein, which is an antioxidant that maintains eye health, and they are rich in vitamin E. Studies shows that people who are provided with the the most vitamin E from their meals are less probable to get Alzheimer’s disease. Avocados are a magnificently adaptable component in salads, soups, and sandwiches.


Fights cancer

1 Nopales:

Nopales are known as prickly pear, they are deemed to be a sort of cactus leaf overflowing with fiber, vitamin C as well as other antioxidants. Nopales are a healthy selection for people suffering from diabetes; studies show that the cactus leaves can decrease blood sugar levels.




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