Top Reasons Why You Need Foot Massage for Excellent Brain Health

Did you know that your feet are connected with the other body organs?  That means, as you do the feet massage, you are not only affecting the health of your feet but also of other parts linked to the area you are massaging.  There are reflex points on your feet that continuously communicate with your brain. During a massage, these automatic points get stimulated thus allowing the flow of energy to the brain. You see, while you are doing massage on the toes of your feet, you will also affect your mind positively. As a result, the health of your brain gets better. Consequently, the development of your brain as well as its growth is highly improved to make your mind to function effectively. Well, there is more than this. Let’s explore more reasons for having a foot massage.

 1 Foot Massage Increases Endorphins

Endorphins are a batch of hormones discharged within the brain and nervous system and have physiological functions. Quite many studies concentrated on the effects that foot massage has on different patients with variants of conditions. Some of the foot massage effects include calmness, a decrease in pain and management of anxiety as well as depression. This happens when there is a release of the endorphins in the body.

 2 Improves The Brain’s Functionality

How your brain functions are profoundly affected by the state of your brain. Let me explain. Your concentration may lower due to overworking, bad news, excitement and the like. Having a foot massage will automatically and instantly stimulate your brain. The result is that your brain will awaken and function excellently as it should.  The repercussions? You will be able to concentrate better, and your brain will begin to remember things clearly and with ease.  You can do a 10 minutes foot massage every day before sleeping. This will highly boost your brain. Alternatively, you can get some more great info regarding foot massagers available at

 3 Relieving Stress

By doing a self-massage on your feet after an overwhelming day in the office can yield positive results. That is reducing stress. Roberta Lee, who is an author of “The super stress solution,” says that doing a self-foot massage may give the same results as having a full-body massage. She further gives a step-by-step foot massage which if you follow well will help you to relieve all the stress. However, you should ensure that you are massaging clean feet. So, wash them with warm soapy water then dry. Mix some lavender (essential) oil and mix with almond rubbing oil then apply. The focus is on the brain so, start from the base of the small toe through all the other toes. Also, apply some pressure on the flesh between each toe. You can also massage the other parts of the body to help boost your mood to suppress stress.

 4 Gives The Brain A Deep Relaxation

As you or your attendee do a foot massage on you, you will experience some relaxation in your brain. In most cases, due to this state of relaxation, you may be tempted to sleep. However, if it is not someone else massaging your feet, you may feel the need to retire to bed within a short time of massaging.  The worries and anxieties of the day drop, and you get to rest sooner than you would without massaging.  Of course, that comes with a deep sleep that makes your days better. That is why it is recommended to do massage just before bed if you are doing it in your home.

 5 The Final Line

You may never have had a foot massage before because you did not know its health benefits on your brain or you just thought of it as a waste of time and resources. Thank God, now you know. Foot massage, whether you pay a professional to do it, ask a spouse, a friend or do it yourself, the benefits are worth it. The brain is a very crucial organ of the body. How you talk and do things is as a result of what is going on in your mind. Stimulate and refresh it through foot massage to ensure that it functions well.

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