Top 12 Must-Have Items Every Bike Rider Needs

The thrill is a way of living for a lot of people. Most of us feel thrilled vicariously through reading an entertaining story or watching a major motion picture. But, others experience those feelings on a daily basis and, by others, we mean bikers. Riding a bike is a real adventure that rushes your adrenaline up. It doesn’t have to be a motorbike; the same goes for the ordinary bicycles. Anyhow, they are more practical in the crowd, more environment-friendly, and less expensive, for sure. What could be as ecstatic as riding against the wind? Well, there are frankly a lot of things in life that can deliver the same delight, but not all of them are accessible as hopping on a bike. If you happen to be one of those interesting bikers or E-biker, we are here to guide you through a list of the must-have items, including everything you need to know about E-Bikes. Those items could vary from diverting accessories that double the fun of the ride all the way to ones that ensure your safety. Skim through this list featuring the top 15 items that you should be looking for as E-bikes owners.

1 A Bike Light

While there is no need to explain the extreme significance of this item, we will buy you into it anyway. Regular bikes are not provided with flashlights that guide your way through the night. And, of course, you may realize that you need to use your bike when the sun is already down. What if you had to get into some roads that aren’t well illuminated, if at all? You need a light to guide your way and help you dodge any obstacles that can harm you one way or another. Honestly, using your phone light isn’t going to be an investment at all. Your safety is priceless, and you can definitely find a bike light at an affordable price.

2 A Mount for Devices

Well, basically this mount is going to be for your phone. If you have other devices that can fit into it, feel free to use it. But, here is why you are going to need one; you definitely need to use your phone while riding. Unlike driving a car, you don’t have the luxury of taking one arm off the steering wheel. You need both of your hands to control your direction. However, using the phone doesn’t incorporate you playing games while being on the highway. But, in case you received an important call that you should take, you can answer with your headphones on and your phone tucked into the mount before you. Or more importantly, you can use it while using the GPS navigation. We all use it every once in a while when getting to places we’ve never been or being on an unfamiliar road.

3 Bike Messenger Bags

Do you usually commute long distances? If yes, you will most probably need a bag that carries your necessities. There are many messenger bags designed particularly for bikes. They have adjustable straps that enable you to attach them to your bike, so you don’t have to worry about carrying them on while riding. Besides, they are designed to be near the pedals between your legs, so you would stay safe and away from theft. Get yourself one and hold your essentials in a safe place while roaming in town with style.

4 Cages for Water Bottles

If you are a regular bike rider, you are surely proud of how toned your legs have become. A lot of biking is a form of exercise. So, with the constant exerted effort, you need to compensate for the lost water especially during the hot days of summer. Thus, it is a basic necessity to carry a cold water bottle around while commuting. You no longer have to worry about where to place the bottle, for that is exactly what those cages are for. Get one of those cages a carry your water bottle around or replace with a cold bottle of fresh juice if preferred.

5 Bike Seat Covers

Biking is fun and entertaining; you will hear this so many times. But not everyone is going to be so open about the downsides of commuting with such a vehicle. Well, sitting on a hard seat for prolonged periods of time can wreak havoc on your butt. You can get, God forbid, painful hemorrhoids or maybe even worse ailments. We don’t want to think of further maladies that can be more terrible than hemorrhoids. So, save yourself the trouble of going through those unpleasant experiences and invest in a good seat cover. Those covers provide the needed padding for your bottom as well as extra coziness.

6 A Bike Pump

Well, accidents happen, so you need to guard yourself against them. You may find your wheels inflated and lying flat on the floor. So, carry a pump with you wherever you commute. It is not always easy to find a nearby place for wheels services. There are also quite small ones that can fit into your handbag. They don’t take up a lot of space.

7 Mudguard Sets

Thanks to the world’s ceaseless innovations, inventing something that protects against mud and dirt does exist. It is among the magical bike accessories, in fact. Those mudguard sets are designed to easily protect you and your bike from inevitable mud that you encounter along the way.

8 Signals Illuminating Cycle Gloves

Riding a bike is less safe than riding other vehicles. Not only because you are not fully covered, not at all actually, but also being surrounded by cars makes it riskier. You need to stay safe on the road, so go for those smart gloves. They illuminate with signals that indicate your next turn for the cars around you. Those gloves can ease your stress on the road.

9 A Lock Cable

You can’t hit the road without having the tools that will keep your bike safe. You may need to park and get into a store, but you can’t leave the bike unobserved while doing so. Thus, invest in a good lock cable that will ensure you’ll find the bike right where you left it. There are many locks with the feature of 4-digit combination, lessening the chances of it being stolen.

10 A Good Chain Lubricant

You need to keep your chain lubricated, so it functions smoothly and without any chances of accidents. Grab a good chain lubricant that can keep your bike in a chief condition.

11 An Airbag Helmet

Yes, the world has gotten that smart and airbag helmets do exist. They are invisible helmets that can detect a fall when it occurs, so it inflates immediately to protect your head. While this may look quite ridiculous, it is always better safe than sorry. This ridiculous thing can save your life. However, the only downside of it that it is a one-time usage. You will need to get a new one once the old one had done its role.

12 Laser-Enhanced Lights

Night rides are the riskiest. You need to feel safe while roaming around during the night. Those lights that are enhanced with laser are the ultimate safety choice. They project a bicycle symbol that illuminates for some meters ahead of the rider. Those symbols alert the pedestrians and drivers that a biker is on the way, so accidents are smoothly avoided.

While it became more common to see men using bikes as their primary transport mode, women should weigh in as well. There are many reasons as to why every woman should own a bicycle. One of those reasons is that a bike ride is an eccentric journey that you are free to embark on at any time. So, saddle up and get ready to hit the road with style with the assistance of these terrific bike items.


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