Top 10 Most Amazing Facts about North Pole

North Pole is the most frozen place all over the world. No it is not, there are many facts you are not aware of regarding North Pole. Here is a list of the top ten interesting facts about the North Pole.

10 There is no land under the ice of the North Pole. The Arctic ice ceiling is a shifting pack of sea ice which is 2-3 meters wide, floating over the 4,000 meters deep Arctic Ocean.

9 The legend of the unicorn is living in the Arctic. The Narwhal is a minor whale that lives nearly all of its life north of the Arctic Circle. One of the Narwhal’s two teeth grows into a characteristic tusk, which can reach 10 feet long, giving the animal the name, of “unicorn of the sea”.

8 July is the North Pole’s hottest month, when the average temperature rises to 0 degrees Celsius. On the hand, in February, the average temperature reaches -35 degrees Celsius. There is a North Pole marathon held yearly since 2002, with a standard wind freeze temperature of 22 degrees below zero.

7 The first is the north magnetic pole, which is, quite factually, a magnetic phenomenon which alters daily dependent on changes under the Earth’s crust. As well, there is a north earthly pole, which is the fixed point that mentions the top of the Earth. In spite of how you define the North Pole, global warming keeps on being a problem here, as the polar ice covers melt, the sea levels go up, eradicating the land that polar bears and other flora and fauna depend on for survival.

6 The U.S. Geological Survey states that amount could in fact be higher, since so much of the area has to be discovered. Confusing matters is the reality that manifold countries lay claim to the Arctic Circle, Russia, Canada, Norway, Denmark and the United States. Each country is tolerated to look at potential oil reserves within 200 miles of their shorelines, yet in 2007, Russia employed a mini-submarine to plant the country’s pennant on the floor of the Arctic Ocean trying to claim the region and its usual resources.

5 There are in fact many controversies around which was the original explorer to visit the North Pole. Robert Peary is thought to have reached the pole in 1909, yet, he didn’t have very good testimony and many people have disagreed. The first completely confirmed visit to the North Pole was by explorer Roald Amundsen as well as Umberto Nobile who travelled to the pole in an airship called the Norge in 1926.

4 The North Pole is not the most frozen place on Earth. The South Pole is reaches 76 F. not like the North Pole, the South Pole sits on peak of a thick piece of ice, which in turn lays on top of a sheet of land. At more than 9,000 feet over sea level, Antarctica is also the world’s highest continent. The North Pole is formed of a thin Arctic ice sheet that lays barely a foot over sea level.

3 While the conditions may be regarded too rough for most humans, there are local Inuit tribes inhabiting the northern Canada and Alaska. The external reaches of the Arctic Circle are a huge place to see bears in the wild. Focus on other Arctic dwellers such as Orca, Humpback, Beluga whales, and Svalbard reindeer.

2 While not precisely a budget destination, you can go on board on your own Arctic adventure. Quark Expeditions gives a wide range of cruising expeditions varying from the Spitsbergen Explorer, which is an 11-day cruise around the Norwegian island to The Ultimate Arctic Adventure, which begins from Russia to the 90-degree north spot that signifies the North Pole.

1 If you are in the frosty Arctic Circle, you’ll need to pick your way to warm. Chena Hot Springs are located about an hour outside Fairbanks, AK, have an ordinary geothermal hot spring in a rock lake bordered by nature.


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