Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries on Earth

Breathtaking landscapes, monuments preferably in the middle of colorful or historical houses, cityscape and of course a water source on the sides are the major characteristics and factors that make any country called beautifully. Everyone has his\her taste, yes, but the breathtaking beauties all around the world did not happen to be negotiable. The following list pays tribute to the top ten most beautiful countries on earth. See and Judge! Try to decide the most beautiful country that deserves to top the list for being the most attractive on earth.

10 Spain

The wide and beautiful landscapes of Spain are mixed with old monuments like the Cordoba Mosque and Alhambra. One of the major cities in Spain is Barcelona. Some of the city’s landmarks include Torre Agbar, Picasso Museum, Palau Nacional, and Sagrade Familia.

9 South Africa

It is widely known for its natural beauty. With Cape Town being in this country, South Africa is a breathtaking country. The great mountains of Cape Point and Table Mountain offer the city natural immunity. Bordered by Table Bay, Cape Town is amazing especially when photographed from above. It is by now South Africa’s largest city.

8 Germany

A number of breathtaking cities will definitely dub Germany one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world. From Bavaria to Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin you would find the most appreciated German sites. In Berlin for example, you can pay a visit to Kulturforum, the Pergamon Museum, and the Berlin Cathedral.

7 Brazil

Blessed with the Amazon flowing through it, the Brazilian landscape is thriving. The most beautiful and most visited city is Rio de Janeiro, Reo for short. The Corcovado statue is the most famous of Reo. The Modern Art Museum and the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum are two good places to stop at in this marvelous city.

6 Portugal

The number one site to be visited in Portugal is Madeira or the floating garden, another is Lisbon. Jeronimos Monastery, St. George Castle, Belem Tower, Berado Museum, Gulbenkian Museum, Oceanarium and the Ancient Art Museum are the best tourist attractions for visitors in Lisbon.

5 Greece 

Located on the Agean Sea, the Greek Athens is the best of the country. The city is a mixture of historical traditions exhibited in the ancient Greek monuments and there is also the natural beauty. The city houses a good number of old museums like the Parthenon and the Acropolis, National Archaeological Museum, Acropolis Museum, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Byzantine Museum, National Gallary, and the Benaki Museum.

4 Australia 

The Australian greeneries are the major thing that characterizes this country the most. The Morrington Peninsula National Park is the country’s most prominent landmark. Another landmark is in the country’s capital city, in Sydney, and it is the harbor which is the city’s liking point in terms of trade and attracting visitors.

3 France 

Having the world’s romantic center, France is home to the peaceful and gigantic wide horizons as well as the most beautiful architectural creations. Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Orsay Museum, the Center Pompidou and the Saint Chapelle Church are all must-see landmarks.

2 Italy 

Venice is the most important city to visit in Italy. St. Mark’s Square, Grand Canal, Doge’s Palace, Accademia Gallery, Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Santa Maria Della Salute, Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari, and the Palazzo Grassi are all attractive sites in Venice located near canals and seas. It is a floating city after all.

1 Turkey 

Türkiye has it all. It has many cities that could compete with Venice, with the addition that Turkey combines the European and the oriental touches in the historical monuments and cityscape. Istanbul should be the first place to visit. It is very romantic and strikingly beautiful. As for landscape, the beaches of the south and west of the country are the most amazing especially the Lycian Coast. As for monuments, The Blue Mosque is the best.

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