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Top 10 Successful Advertising Companies in Qatar

Rarely do people wait for a customary, boring office jobs. On the other hand, they tend to set up their own business and corporates; business is the pathway you take to gain fortune and enhance your career. The steps to have a prominent corporate is to exert effort when it comes to the products or services offered. Moreover, you have to maintain a prestigious reputation.

Do not forget that you have to create a platform, so your products and services reach people out there. That is why TopTeny listed 10 of the most top rated advertising agencies in Qatar. Some companies have been in the business since the State of Qatar was declared, and some have come to life in the past few years. What they all have in common is the hard work, passion, and creativity they put into their projects; they know their clients have decided to work with them as they never settle for less than expectations.

10 Brqia for SMS marketing

BRQIA is one of the most leading companies that provide short messages services. Moreover, they offer unique and beyond comparison ways that target people in the Middle East. Not only does BRQIA present short messages service, but it also puts forward peerless offers when it comes to e-marketing, website development, and mobile phone applications. The company pattern itself upon international standards pertaining to media and marketing to keep its steady growth at a rapid pace.

9 Whyte creations

Whyte Creations has been booming and thriving since 2011. Interestingly, it offers major services of web design, web development, mobile application development, internet marketing, and 3D Visualization, Graphic, SEO, and Videography. Whyte Creations relies on creativity and their potential to outstand and outshine. Although the company’s active presence in the media and advertising industry is relatively short, the company is beaming with energy, dedication, and insistence to set its roots in the Qatari soil. Notably, the company has handled various renowned projects for Qatari government institutions in Qatar, major companies, and promising start-ups; the company works on gaining renowned public reputation through working with various corporates and institutions.

8 Al Mana Media

Al Mana Media is a leading advertising agency in Qatar. Al Mana Media’s advertising strategy has proven effective and potent as companies and clients always trust in the agency’s dedication and creative spirit that is originally molded in a bid to present the best work they can ever create. Al Mana Media focuses on media planning, public relations, printing and design functions. Thus, they give their clients a large platform to put their brands to the largest audience.

7 Doodle Brand

Doodle brand basically dwells on two factors: creativity and yearning to generate newfangled concepts, and extensive experience that sustains the agency’s effective and potent marketing strategies which are set according to an operative mindset rather than impromptu selections. The projects the Qatari agency has conducted beam with originality and novelty. The agency is fully aware of the essential nature and common mindset of its targeted audience. Not only is it capable of rendering the brands booming all around Qatar and the Middle East, but it creates websites that could be listed among the first five websites featured when searched on Google.

6 Fanar Neon and Advertising

Founded in 1980, Fanar Neon and Advertising has been booming till it became one of Qatar’s most famous advertising and marketing agencies. Over the course of the past three and a half decades, the company has been strict over the quality of their advertisements. Their prestigious advertisements that include creating visual signs, merchandising, digital printing and graphics have been likely taken seriously as a kind of a sacred vow. Not only are the advertisements prominent, but also they are at affordable prices and guaranteed as well.

5 Qatar Neon

Neons boards that you find placed along the street while you are walking or those catch your eyes while you are waiting in traffic are a trustworthy way for advertising. That is why jam Arsen Halajian and Vicken Halajian in cooperation with Khalid Bin Hamad Al Attiya decided to be at the helm of Qatar Neon. The company is founded by a Qatari family that has long been on the most wealthy and savvy business families that have either established or contributed in successful and renowned corporations.

The company’s primary focus is to build this strong rapport with their clients and the other corporates and agencies with which it works. Needless to say that such route has led the company to fulfill double-digit annual growth since 1960 and stimulated it to keep expanding in the meantime and the near future.

4 Stallion Advertising Co.

Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take some new action. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive the consumer behavior concerning a commercial offering, although political and ideological advertising is also common. Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take some new action.

3 Al Shaqab Advantage Qatar WLL

The company’s clear route has defined its marketing vision since it has been buttoned down in Qatar. It also acknowledges the marketing strategies that reach a huge platform which would facilitate the process of advertising and marketing. The set up of the company dates back to 2010 when a group of professional and experienced marketing executives teamed up to form this massive business corporate. AL SHAQAB ADVANTAGE QATAR (ADQ) creates leading-edge ideas that would change the deep-rooted concept of marketing and place it in a new flexible mold that would fit the spirit of such crazy era.

2 Frame

Frame Advertising Agency is based in Qatar and has been in the business, blessing massive audience with leading-edge and original projects since 2005. Interestingly, Frame is creativity-driven; it seeks earthing troves in the form of advertising projects. What makes an advertising agency prestigious is the way they handle their projects, so major clients and companies flock to the agency to find a considerable platform to present their products. That is how Frame has gained its reputation and position. Frame deals with renowned companies as Toyota, Nissan, Qatar Petroleum International, Katara, and Shangri-La hotel.

1 Memac Ogilvy Qatar [Award-winning company]

The moment you check the company’s website and scrutinize the leading-edge way in which it is presenting itself, you will fully comprehend that you are before a massive, professional advertising agency backed by pure originality and years of experience. Established in 1984, Memac Ogilvy has been handling massive projects with edge-leading advertising strategies over the past 33 years. Not only does it excel in prestigious marketing campaigns for international companies like MARS, Samsung, and Coca-Cola, but the company has been appreciated and awarded several times. Interestingly, it was awarded the Diamond Research and Planning Award for Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, and the Gold Best Use of Social Media/PR Award for Coca-Cola Ramadan Dark Iftar Campaign. It’s a highly professional advertising company that has already buttoned down itself on an international route.

TopTeny is interested in providing its readers with information about the best thriving and most successful companies in business marketing and advertising, and to hear their opinions as well. Tell us in the comment section down below, which advertising agency would you deal with if you became a businessman/woman?

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