Top 10 Ugliest Cars Ever in The World

It’s just awkward to spot the ugliest car on the roads. Right? We all want to enjoy brand-new vehicles that look appealing to the eyes regarding their shapes and features. Many cars come into the market as the brand’s masterpiece and gain quick popularity. However, there are some ugliest cars that you may notice and judge the brand. However, it is truly horrible to see the ugliest car ever in 2022 as technology evolves fast.

You may always read about the pretty and attractive cars in the world. But now it’s better to know about the ugliest car in the world in 2022. If you also want to update your knowledge about the ugliest cars in the world in 2022 that you may spot in the previous or coming days, this article is for you.

Here Toptey magazine will share the top 10 ugliest cars ever in the world in 2022 you may know now before it. So let’s dive into it.

Ugliest cars in the world

It is a fact that some of the ugliest cars also become successful in making the sensational success in sales. However, let’s look at our list related to the ugliest-looking vehicles in the world on the road.

1 Fiat Multipla

Originally, Multipla has been one of the classy brands since 1956. There have many extraordinary vehicles in the market. But the latest Fiat Multipla is one of the ugliest cars globally. It features three seats in two rows with big windows. It contains the whole instrument cluster in the center with a slight orientation towards the right area. Overall it presents an ugly look that needs many improvements. The car lovers ask about its design rather than its features after having a look.

Fiat Multipla
Multipla has been one of the classy brands since 1956.

2 Chevrolet SSR

Chevrolet is also a high-end brand that provides excellent vehicles worldwide. Their Chevrolet SSR stands in the list of the world’s ugliest cars due to its designs as the vast fenders extend outside, and the rest of the body is like one side. Collectively, it is strange-looking, and features have some ugly things to consider. It is a shame for the retro-style trucks that look way more batter than it. If we talk about the interior, its engine pickup makes it nippier. Moreover, it is also hard for drivers to drive the Chevrolet SSR.

Chevrolet SSR
Chevrolet SSR stands in the list of the world’s ugliest cars due to its designs as the vast fenders extend outside, and the rest of the body is like one side.

3 Plymouth Prowler

The Plymouth prowler shows a resemblance with hotrods. It has a tiny gap between the outrageous hotrod, making it look like mass production. The manufacturers want to make an economical design, but it doesn’t look lovely. It was an impractical vehicle with a tiny fuel tank. The wheels of Plymouth are open and look like an ingle seater race car. In addition, the narrow and point front looks similar to the fat rear end of the vehicle. The car’s production is excellent, but the assembly line comes out ugly. It is one of the most disappointing cars related to its looks.

Plymouth Prowler
The Plymouth prowler shows a resemblance with hotrods.

4 Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

The second generation of Nissan Murano brings another boring SUV vehicle for car lovers. But it is another model that sacrifices its looks and many other features. The Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet come into existence with a different background. The manufacturers claim that it is the first convertible crossover car. But it is a fact it fails to hit the market due to its look. The tall stance and short wheelbase with massive doors collectively bring the ugliest car in the world. Overall it is an ugly and unsatisfying car that is not equal to any ordinary vehicle.

5 Nissan Cube

Here is the second vehicle by Nissan on our list that comes as the ugly car. The Nissan cube is one of the ugliest cars that looks like a truck. It has four wheels and an engine with a cubic design. The driving experience is quite good compared to many other vehicles, but the looks are unacceptable. The Nissan Cube has an unmistakable interior, but it fails to attract the viewers due to its exterior design. The roofline is rippled, which provides quirky features.

6 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Chrysler PT Cruiser was one of the weird cars popular before its release but failed to attract car lovers. It is one of the retro cars with a die-down design. It has a box-like body with an elongated overshadow and a v-shaped front of the car. The vehicle’s front end gives it a back and doesn’t attract car lovers. The front bumpers are available in colors that don’t provide aesthetic looks. The interior is entirely acceptable, but it comes into the ugly cars due to its unacceptable exterior and design.

7 Suzuki X-90

Suzuki is one of the largest vehicle brands but has some ugliest cars. The Suzuki X-90 is one of the ugliest cars that looks like a toy. It has a T-top roof with the squished touch of an old Suzuki shape. Vehicle lovers declare it as one of the ugly cars on the roads worldwide due to its top, wheels, and overall appearance. The manufacturers want to develop a mini-vehicle with a touch of old designs but fail.

8 Nissan S-Cargo

The Nissan S-Cargo is one of the popemobile vehicles with a more accessible design for electricians. Nissan wants to produce a small cargo van, but it looks like a snail-looking car. The overall design of the Nissan S-Cargo is like the mini cargo, but it fails to attract the users due to its interior and exterior. This time Nissan was unable to come up with a powerful cargo vehicle. It also has an ugly combination if we talk about its engine and design compatibility.

9 Bufori Geneva

The manufacturers make this car for their premium users. The Bufori Geneva fails to attract premium users, especially those famous as the monopoly man. The front of the vehicle gives the luxury and a classy look, but the designers neglect its back. The S-type back of the Geneva brings it into the ugly vehicles list. The six-figure premium cost didn’t attract the users and come into the list of ugly vehicles.

10 Pontiac Aztek

It is one of the ugliest cars due to its looks and features. It has the horrible grey plastic cladding and is located all around the bottom of the car, giving it an ugly face. The painting over the plastic cladding also looks discouraging and doesn’t attract the users. Moreover, the fuel door is one of the worrying aspects of the strange windows. It features an unnecessary bar across the center, making it difficult to look behind.

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