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Top 5 Spain Travel Tips: A Complete Guide

Are you finally planning your journey to sunny, beautiful Spain? Amazing! Get ready for sandy beaches, historical monuments, friendly and chatty locals, and rich culture. Tours to Spain will guarantee all of that, but there is planning to be done ahead. If you are not sure where to start, check these top 5 travel tips!

1 Know The Basics

Get yourself acquainted with all the most unavoidable but beneficial information to start with.

  • The currency – Euro.
  • Language – Spanish. But do not worry, as Spain is a trendy touring place, you will have no problem communicating in English. However, you will find fewer English speakers as you move further away from the most significant cities. Keep in mind that the residents are very proud and enthusiastic about their language, so if you prepare a few common phrases in Spanish, they will be delighted!
  • Visa policy: Visas are not required if you are traveling for a period lasting up to 90 days; that goes for both EU and non-EU countries. However, if your country is not a part of the Schengen agreement, you will be required to present a valid Schengen visa to enter Spain.
Visiting Spain
Spain is a trendy touring place.

2 Choose The Best Time

Visiting Spain is convenient at any time of the year. However, most of the tourists choose summertime because they get to experience the Mediterranean climate at its peak, but that usually means that the cities are super crowded. Not to mention, if you are not a fan of the dry, hot weather, you might be better off choosing another time. We suggest going in late spring or early autumn – the climate is mild and warm and you will avoid vast masses of people so that the trip might be more enjoyable that way!

Visiting Spain is convenient at any time of the year.

3 Know Your Budget

Luckily, Spain is not the top most expensive country in Europe. You can easily enjoy a comfortable holiday with plenty of sightseeing even on a lower budget. Of course, the more luxurious you want, the more money you will have to set aside, but if you seek a simple, one-week trip, traveling through Spain will not cost you a fortune. For example, the simpler, cozier AirBnbs will cost you about 50 Eu per night, dinner at a local restaurant about 20 Eu per person and if you choose a local bus to travel, the prices are relatively low – up to only 5 Eu for the trip. Still, these prices are simply an example, so recheck the pricing when you pick a region you wish to visit. Do not forget about sightseeing, food, and shopping.

shopping in Spain
Do not forget about sightseeing, food, and shopping.

4 Know The Transportation System

Fortunately, the system is very well developed. You can choose buses for travel inside one city and high-speed trains if you wish to visit multiple cities, which we recommend! The pricing is adequate, and a journey on a train is a quick and clean way to travel. Check out the Barcelona to Madrid train as an example. Of course, if you like complete freedom and routes of your choice, rent a car. There are plenty of places to do that, but, if possible, try to book one before your trip!

Check out the Barcelona to Madrid train as an example.

5 Carefully Consider What to Pack

Items that you need for your journey to Spain include all the everyday things that you would usually pack, but keep in mind that you will not get away with taking only light clothing, even if the weather is mostly warm. You never know where you might end up unexpectedly – what if you decide on an impromptu hike through the mountains? Make sure to pack a sweater, long pants, and a scarf as well. Also, do not forget a small backpack. The cities of Spain are filled with places to see and visit, and you will inevitably spend a lot of time just walking around, so prepare a bag for the essentials, for example, a water container! We cannot stress this enough – always have a water bottle on you to not dehydrate in the scorching sun.

We hope these tips were helpful, and you are on your way to becoming a travel master. Get on with your planning and fly away to visit beautiful Spain!

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