Top 10 Most Recent Inventions in The World

Technology has no end. Every day technology impresses us to meet our needs, or even to surplus our needs. Many inventions come to light yearly, to assert that the more requirements exist, the more inventions appear. Actually, in recent times a group of pioneering inventions is noticed, from which we bring you the top ten most recent inventions. Just follow the list.

10 The Square

Jack Dorsey is marketing for his latest invention that is named the Square. It is a small plug-in accessory to your mobile phone that lets you receive credit card payments. The idea first appeared with Dorsey’s friend Jim McKelvey who was not capable to sell some glass work to a customer as he couldn’t accept an exacting card being used. This newest invention makes use of a small scanner that plugs into the audio input jack on a mobile phone.

9 Gyro Technology

It is a new motorcycle created by Poss Gulak. The “Uno” employs gyro technology for balance as well as acceleration. It is deemed to be a battery-charged machine that speeds up by inclining forward and vice versa.

8 Biomimicry

Biomimicry is deemed to be the science that mimics nature to make new products. Resilient Technologies, a Wisconsin-based company, has produced a tire that can’t get flattened. Rather than using a pressurized air hollow, the tire design depends on a geometric pattern of six-sided cells that are ordered in a matrix-like honeycomb.

7 Wind Turbines

The Bahrain World Trade Center is the initial skyscraper to have wind turbines incorporated into the construction of the building. Three big wind turbines are balanced between two office towers. The towers are aerodynamically pointed to funnel wind. They grab air inside the turbines.

6 Jay Leno Restores a century Old Electric Car

Jay Leno is an enthusiastic car aficionado, who has a fully restored Baker Electric car that was initially built in 1909. The crankless, and quiet Baker was created by Walter C. Baker of Cleveland, at Ohio and was run by alkaline batteries made by Thomas Edison. This Baker consumes no gas, releases no emissions and needs no maintenance.

5 Shark Tank

Television producer Mark Burnett, who is well-known for presenting reality TV hits like “Survivor” as well as Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice”, made a new Inventor series cooperating with Sony Pictures Television. The Shark Tank has inventors offering their newest inventions to numerous multi-millionaire investors.

4 Jet Man

Inventor Yves Rossy, jumped from a plane above Calais and winged 200 mph journeying the English Channel 13 minutes prior to landing in Dover. Previously, he spread out the wings on his back and flew 300 kilometers over the Swiss Alps. By means of four small jet engines linked to his carbon wings, he mounted at 200 ft per minute prior to implementing a chain of stunts for a crowd of journalists viewing the scene from a mountain top.

3 Car Gps Tracking

Car Gps Tracking appears a lot in new vehicles, offering drivers tracking and navigation. Yet, the latest technologies inventions have to get car GPS tracking systems more modern and sophisticated, making access for an extensive range of extra uses. Smartbox technology is one model of how car GPS tracking systems are employed to lower car insurance. In fact, an inclusive recording of a driver’s behavior lets insurance companies modify car insurance policies.

2 Air Into Water

Johathan Ritchey has created the Watermill that is an atmospheric water producer. It converts air into freshwater. This most recent technology invention is designed to generate freshwater costing 3 cents a liter. It is addressed to areas that do not have hygienic drinking water, it is for households that rather an eco-friendly, it costs effectual option to bottled water. The atmospheric water generators turn air into the water when the temperature of the air is saturated with sufficient water vapor that it condenses.

1 A Walking House

An innovative prototype house walked on six legs in the region of the campus of the Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridgeshire, England. This eco-friendly house is run by solar cells and has a kitchen, a composting toilet, a method to collect rainwater, one bed, a back opening being a stairway entry.




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