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Top 10 Best Tips To Avoid Theft

Do you have a house in an isolated place? Do you travel so much? Do you worry facing a theft? Here are some tips you should take care of to avoid a home theft.

10 Make Sliding Doors and Windows Safe

You can with no trouble break into some older sliding doors by just moving them of their frame, even if bolted. Newer ones are more difficult to do that with , yet you should still take additional safety measure to secure them since they can be an attractive entry for burglars. Only have a strong rod, steel bar or two-by-four and slide it into the back channel. That way, even if people can get the lock, the rod prevents the door from sliding back and opening.


make Sliding Doors and Windows Safe

9 Don’t Put a Spare Key Out

It is a fine idea to leave a spare key hidden under a flower pot if you get locked out of your house. However, you are inviting the burglar to walk inside with no any trouble. Somebody could also see you recover the key at some point, giving away your thrashing place. As an alternative, give a spare key to a neighbor you know well who lives near for safekeeping, who you trust.


8 Get Police Help

Police can help out you stop crime prior to it happens, rather than just responding to it. To clarify, if you are departing town for a while, inform the police and ask for that they drive by your home to ensure things. A lot of police stations also offer free security evaluations for your property. If your local authority has a crime prevention officer, note if he or she can examine your property and help you recognize any security steps you can execute.

Get Police Help

7 Prepare Before Vacation

Residential crime pierces throughout July and August as people set off on summer vacations. If you are leaving town for a long period of time, call your local police and inform them. As well, inform neighbors you trust of your trip and ask that they pay attention to your home during that time.

Couple packing for holiday, trying to close suitcase full with c

6 Know Your Neighbors

Being familiar with the people you live around is one of the most significant safety steps you can follow. Closer-knit neighborhoods usually report fewer thefts, because strangers will protrude, and people are more probable to pay attention to other people’s security. Neighborhood Watch Programs can be very effectual at lessening and preventing crime.

Summer Sunday

5 Lock it Up

Locking windows and doors is the most significant thing you can do to stop a theft. As mentioned previously, over 40% of thefts take place without the use of force. This means a lot of people are keeping their houses unlocked. If you own a thumb fastener lock plus a security device on your doors, always lock the security device.


4 Don’t ham up

Putting some things lying around your yard or in plain sight from the road can innocently decoy thieves onto your home. Initially, if you have a bicycle or scooter that a person could easy to walk away with, get it into your garage.


3 Clip your shrubs

Bushes, shrubs and trees can provide an intruder places to put out of sight and camouflage signs of a theft. Cut any thick plants so that your home’s windows and doors are visible to neighbors and passersby. This costs nothing yet some hours, it can make a difference in making your home much less attractive to a thief.


2 Don’t advertise new purchases

Make sure not to draw unnecessary attention to your home by removing empty boxes at the limit with your trash. By putting out boxes from a novel television, a laptop computer or other expensive home electronics at the curb, you’re informing a burglar what new and valuable items are you have at your home.

Pack for the move

1 Get motion sensors

Enough nighttime illumination is vital, as a dark property makes it easier for a thief to go about hidden. The best prevention for crime is to install motion-sensing security. Its lights are activated when motion is perceived and the unexpected change from darkness to the bright light will not only shock intruders, yet also offer a visual alert to the homeowner and neighbors.

motion sensors



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