Best 10 Countries to Retire Overseas on a Budget

The number of retirees abroad increases with each passing year. The reason is simple – people are always looking for a new experience, a new environment, and a lower cost of living without compromising a good standard of life. But while you may only be concerned about where you can live comfortably on a reasonable budget, it is also essential that you consider your safety as a top priority. In other words, if you are going to stay anywhere, you should ensure it a place that is equally secured. The top travel online journal, Topteny, shows ten perfect places for retirement to help you with your quest for a secure country on a budget. And their GPI has ranked these nations.

1 Panama

Panama sits at the top of our list as it ranks first in the Global Living Index rankings. According to one expert, Panama is one of the best places anyone would want to be after retiring. It is blessed with a decent amount of sunshine, and it is seated beneath the hurricane belt. You shouldn’t find any difficulty migrating to Panama because the official currency is the American dollar. Plus, the place is packed with plenty of doctors who can speak English fluently. They have got a high-quality healthcare system. The infrastructure is great, the internet is superb, and they’ve got a stable government and favorable climate that can allow you to do business if you wish. You can live a comfortable life in Panama with roughly $1000 or even less.

2 Costa Rica

You can think of Costa Rica as a great country outdoors. You can dive, go hiking, surf, ride horses, golf, and fish. It is a place blessed with a sunny and warm climate. Costa Rica is a steady and natural choice for anyone who plans to retire abroad. They’ve had a peaceful transition in all their democracies. Also, they have shown great hospitality to anyone who comes from outside. Trust me; there is no better place than this to spend your dollars. And due to the healthy nature of the ex-pat community around here, there have been several reports of ex-pats shedding extra weight without too much effort. With $1500, you can live a decent life around these parts.

3 Mexico

Many people connect Mexico to the place that tourists prefer to go for holidays on the beach. Well, that is not true. There are many things you may not have known about this great country. It is a gorgeous location that steams of its culture. In addition to their beautiful beaches, lies colonial cities packed with art, theater, and colorful homes. This explains why so many Americans in Mexico. You don’t need to make a hole in your pocket to live a comfortable life. You can live comfortably with a budget of $1500 per month.

4 Ecuador

Ecuador promises an old-world kind of charm that makes you feel like you are living in the 50 s. If you include their friendly residents, clean living, modern cities, and excellent service, you will get a perfect retirement spot. The Ecuadorian climate is both unbeatable and unbelievable. It has got something for everyone. From the hot beaches to the cold mountains, there is plenty of it for nature lovers. The standard of living is also high-quality. You only need about $1000 per month to live as a single.

5 Malaysia

Southeast Asians have been a surprising location for most Americans, and when it comes to Malaysia, there are many more to expect in terms of surprises. With English as their unofficial first language, migrating to this destination shouldn’t give you too much trouble. Settling down in Malaysia is much easier than many people assume. Another thing is that home rentals do not cost anything compared to the U.S. With their efficient, cheap, and accessible public transportation, moving from one place to another can be very easy. You can conveniently explore the other parts of Asia from this place as well. Singles can live peacefully on a $1000 monthly budget.

6 Colombia

The only thing we all knew about Colombia was drug wars and national insecurity. While that seems to be their past, all of that has changed now. Ex-pats are now flocking to this newfound haven for their retirement endeavors. It will surprise you to know that Colombia promises a world-class, affordable healthcare system. If you crave for an easy and enjoyable lifestyle, then Colombia has to be on the cards. The people are warm and friendly. If you have $1200 as a single person, you are assured of a blissful life in Colombia.

7 Portugal

There are tons of reasons why Portugal should be perfect for a retirement destination. Some of those reasons include a reliable healthcare system, exceptionally welcoming locals, and a slow-paced lifestyle. This is one place where you can find the most beautiful offerings of nature. With only $10, you can have a table full of stuff to eat. Singles need roughly $2000 to live a month on average, while couples may need about $2500.

8 Peru

If you’ve had a contrasting view of this place before now, this will be an excellent time to change those ideas. Peru is suddenly gaining momentum and recognition amongst ex-pats who are seeking to live abroad on a reasonable budget. If you seek the highest value for the lowest cost, then you have to give Peru some serious thoughts. There is so much that this place has to offer. Beyond the unique lifestyle and low cost of living, are their beautiful cuisines and lovely beaches. With just $2.50, you can access a 3-course lunch. A budget of $2000 is enough to live a month.

9 Thailand

There is never a dull moment in a place like Thailand. There is plenty of warmly beach communities, university towns, and big cities where you can have all the fun of your life. And the fun part is that you don’t need so much money to enjoy all these privileges. Its central location makes it almost effortless to fly in and out to other strategic places. If you want to experience the beauty of south-east Asia, you can do that from this location. If you are living alone, you can live comfortably with just $1000 per month.

10 Spain

If you look at the beach map for Europe, Spain happens to be one of the most glorious spots. With its decent amount of sunshine, golden beaches, and a high standard of living, Spain has always been a comfortable destination for ex-pats. W.H.O ranks Spain’s healthcare system as being among the best globally. If you love to eat at a cheap cost, this foodie paradise is where you should be. A single person would require about $2000 a month to live in Spain.

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