Top 10 Most Recorded Countries With Highest Kidnappings

Crimes such as kidnapping are very common. They become ordinary in many areas. A lot of countries are reported to have the highest rates of kidnappings. Criminals who conducted these crimes are tracked by the governments of these countries to arrest them, as they started to form big gangs. Follow up this list including the top ten countries with the highest kidnaps.

10 Haiti:

Travel advisors tip of tourists that nobody is out of harm’s way of kidnapping, notwithstanding occupation, race, gender, or age. Yet, the majority of victims in Haiti are Haitians. Haiti has traditionally been a place of kidnapping rings that clutch political and business rivals. Haitian kidnappings are covered in more privacy than in other countries. If you are visiting Haiti, get your resort’s transport unswervingly.

9 Brazil:
Mostly unfortunate inhabitants of the cities’ infamous favelas are those who are mostly kidnapped. Contrasting kidnappings caused by drugs, approximately all abductions in Brazil are monetarily forced. Kidnappers confess that they aim people who are well dressed and seem not to talk in Portuguese.

8 Mexico:

Mexico is a country where locals, not tourists are kidnapped the most. The preponderance of American kidnappings in Mexico engages ATM delays, where tourists are kidnapped for some days at the same time as they remove money. If you want to avoid such kidnappings, abide by the resort areas in whatsoever city you’re in.

7 Philippines:

In the southern area of the country, in particular the Zamboanga region, and the Sulu archipelago are the most parts where kidnappings take place. Mainly, tourists from China, Australia, and the United States are the main target of kidnappers. Actually, terror groups such as Abu Sayyaf are in charge of many kidnappings. Pirates of the Sulu Sea are recognized to grab people from resorts. In order to keep away from such accidents, the northern and middle parts of the Philippines are secure for visitors, so stick to them.

6 Colombia:

In fact, rural areas such as mountain roads, rivers, and plantations are the most areas where people are kidnapped. Tourists are exposed to risk there. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia is responsible for 30% of the 29,000 kidnappings happened in the last 40 years. But some scoundrel groups still do it. The cities are much safer, yet they are not completely defended from kidnapping.

5 Venezuela:

Venezuela is now deemed to be the most unsafe country in Latin America. Surely, the majority of middle and upper-class Venezuelans are the most kidnapped there, as well as the foreign visitors. Gangs also connect in virtual kidnapping, then they cut off your phone service or call a relative asking for money.

4 India:

Indian kidnappings are not predominantly well-organized, and often done by the poor to earn money. Indian kidnappers are not willing to kill their victims. If you are there in India, indeed you are not mainly a target, but also take safety measures. And do not show off your iPod Shuffle, or any costly items.

3 Pakistan:

Pakistani Parties are clashing with each other and the regulation of this country is shattered. The vital reason for the mount in kidnapping is the breakdown of law enforcement agencies to hunt down the kidnapped people that heartened criminals to kidnap people. Actually, kidnapping in Pakistan is a stable surge in danger in opposition to properties. Indeed, at average, five persons a day are kidnapped. About 2,054 kidnappings were said in 2012 that were not recovered.

2 Nigeria:

There is a marvelous augmentation in kidnapping rate in Nigeria. Over 1,800 people are kidnapped every year.. Kidnapping in Nigeria does not just target the rich but also the poor and traders. The country is in a dire need to get a strict law enforcement to get rid of this crime.

1 Iraq:

It is reported that kidnappings reach 1,700 kidnappings annually. The Crisis-management support company makes this country one of the most countries with the highest kidnappings. There are many threats and dangers in Iraq.



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