Top 10 Most Inspiring Women Outside US

Women are always inspiring when they out in life engraving their names in history and carving their niche, be it in business, science or technology. It is the last one that we are dedicating the following list. STEM education was not a girl’s thing since antiquity, and the reasons are beyond me! More focus is given to it recently that American schools are spreading the idea among high school girls. This trend however is worldwide, and if you think that you will not find women inventors in developing countries this list will amaze you. I am amazed myself!

10 Cher Wang

Have you heard about HTC? As I guess you did since it is a powerful competitor in the world of smartphones, I have a new piece of information for you. The chairman of the board since 1997 is the brilliant entrepreneur based in Taiwan, Cher Wang.

9 Padmasree Warrior

As the chief technology and strategy officer of Cisco Company, Warrior is mainly Indian with a major training in chemical engineering. She worked for Motorola at the beginning of her career and got the company to be recognized internationally. She was classified by Fortune Magazine as one of four most powerful women.

8 Sun Yafang

Yafang started his career with a B.A in Engineering after which she worked as a technician. In 1989 she joined Huawei, one of the biggest companies in telecommunications based in China. She became the chairperson in 1999, and continues to be.

7 Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Kiran has carved his niche in both science and industry and becoming one of the richest people in India. Her company Biocon, is a biotechnology company that is a big name in the field specifically in India. As the chair of the company she founded, Kiran tries to help the world through making drugs that fight incurable diseases.

6 Weili Dai

Dai is the founder of Marvell Technology Group, one of the most successful semiconductor companies. In such fields like semiconductors you would find very few female players, if any. As an avant-garde, Dai is recognized in the field with numerous awards. She was also named by Forbes to be among the most powerful women.

5 Maxine Fassberg

Fassberg is the Israeli general manager of Intel. Named by CNN as one of the top 10 most powerful women, Fassberg was able to raise investments for chip plant to 6 billion dollars!

4 Inbal Kreiss

Working in Israel, Kreiss enabled the Israeli defense system to grow and be more powerful. Arrow 3, one of Israel’s defense programs was working to disrupt the workings of Iranian missiles. Kreiss is now working as the deputy manager in the Malam.

3 Hind Hobeika

Hind is a Lebansese engineering student who is the founder of Instabeat. It is not just a website, but it has a product that backs it up. As she mentions in her TEDX talk, Hind is a good swimmer who wondered why there is no some device that would gauge heart rates during the workout. She continues that being an engineer helped her to accomplish the idea. Hobeika is mentioned by Forbes in under the “Hottest Global Startups”.

2 Rana el Kaliouby

Rana got her bachelor’s degree from the American University in Cairo and went on to get her PhD from Cambridge. She managed to build software in 2011 that enables computers to read emotions, she named it Affectiva.The inventor was mentioned in MIT Technology Reviews of innovators.

1 Kira Radinsky

Another inventor who was listed in the MIT Review but for the year 2013 is the Israeli inventor Kira Radinsky. Her creation is a software that predicts natural disasters. The idea of the software is built on collecting information from different sources and using them to foreshadow events.

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