Top 10 Unusual Dental Products That will Amaze You!

Oral health is and must always be one of your top priorities. But, did you know that some dental products happen to be a bit unusual, strange, weird, or downright crazy? If you haven’t heard of them yet, you better read on to know more.

10 Play-A-Grill

It is a tongue-controlled MP3 player that you wear over your teeth, and you are the only one who can hear the music it plays. Instead of the use of sound waves traveling through air, this makes use of sound waves which play through solids like bones. Amazing, isn’t it?

9 Dental Tattoos

Your eyes are not playing games on you. If it is not enough to have your skin inked, even your teeth can now get a dental tattoo.

8 Finger-mounted Toothbrush

This is an ingenious item that should have been made a long time ago. This toothbrush is perfect for those who wouldn’t want to lug around with a toothbrush. You can now brush anytime and anywhere you want.

7 Visual Dental Product Surgeries

It is up to you to figure out what it is all about. You can think of scalpel meeting toothpaste tube.

6 Lollipop Great for Teeth

A professor came up with an orange-flavored lollipop which can help keep your pearly whites strong and healthy. Licorice root extract is the secret ingredient here that can help fight off tooth decay. Who wouldn’t be thrilled with such a great invention?

5 Toothpaste-inside-the-Brush Toothbrush

Just twist the brush, and you can get the perfect toothpaste deposit every time. You don’t just get to save place with having two items put in one because you can also see when you are already getting low on the paste with the help of the transparent dispenser.

4 Fake braces

This one is more like a strange trend in several countries. More and more teens are wearing braces even when their teeth are perfectly straight. The reason is that they find it cool. Yes, there’s such a thing as fake braces today, although this is not legal, mind you.

3 Ice-Cream Flavored Toothpaste

If you love ice cream, you will surely love this toothpaste inspired by your favorite dessert. Choose from vanilla, chocolate, and others, and you will never look at toothpaste the same way again.

2 Bluetooth in the Tooth

Have you ever thought about actually installing the Bluetooth straight inside your mouth? Yes, the term Bluetooth is now taking on a whole new meaning with the use of this innovative invention. You can now say goodbye to those annoying contraption resting over your ear. The device uses Nanotechnology to allow a phone addict to talk away with no hassle.

1 Grills for the Fangs

For sure, you can never wait until your child comes home wearing these things on their teeth. These are like jewels especially meant for your teeth. The maker thought it’s cute to call these Jewels. Yes, these are grills made for your fangs alone.

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