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Top 10 Best Ways To Beat The “Lie Detector” Polygraph

You surely have heard about the lie detector machines; it is commonly known as the polygraph test, and they are usually used by organizations who need to investigate some facts or someone, and in rare cases, it can be used by some companies during the interviews, asking the applicant to undergo the polygraph test. It is obvious from the name of the machine that its main aim is to detect whether a person is lying or not about specific matters.

Here is how the polygraph machine works; several sensors get attached to the person who is going to take the test; these sensors record the heart rate and if there is sweating. Accordingly the detector might signals that the person is not telling the truth if all the signs of anxiety are visible. That is why a lot of innocent people may fail this test, not only because is not the best tool used or is it far from being perfect, but also because being put under pressure can make you anxious even if you were not lying. In other words, the lie detector machine is a very limited tool that is used for questioning people, for as many innocent people can fail this test, a lot of guilty ones can safely pass it with practice and several tricks. So if you are asked to undergo the polygraph test and you are afraid you are going to fail, especially that the machine is inaccurate, check out these best 10 tips that you can use to easily pass a lie detector machine test.

1 Learn about polygraphs

Basically, the first thing you need to do is to learn how this machine works. Do as much research as you can, so you become totally aware of everything you need to know about that science. Actually it is hardly considered a science at all, especially, that it is widely known to give inaccurate results; A lot of innocent people have fallen this test while many others who were guilty have gotten away with it using some smart tricks.

2 Denial of your knowledge about polygraph

Well, no matter how much someone tries to convince you that you should be extremely honest, you should not listen to them because the lie detector can never be your buddy, no matter how much it may seem that way. If you are asked whether you know anything about the lie detector or how it works, your answer should be a NO. Do no state that you have done a broad research before going in there, instead, claim that you have always heard about this test in movies and you believe it is one of the most powerful sciences.

Your knowledge might actually make the tester believe that you have researched so you can conceal whatever you are trying to conceal, so even if any terms that you know of are being used, act as if you have never heard about them.

3 Meditation

Meditation has always been a good way to purify your mind up from any stress or negative thoughts and start thinking in a clearer way, so it is one of the best methods that you can use before undergoing a polygraph test. Doug Williams, one of the best people who could easily beat lie detector advises you to mentally go to the beach while the sensors are being attached to you. Imagining relaxing things is thought to be able to adequate your psychological state whenever you feel like you have to lie, so, that way, you will stay extremely relaxed and will not get caught lying.

4 Yes or no answer

The best way to reduce your stress and anxiety is by trying to limit your answers to either Yes or No. With long answers, you might get tricked into saying something that you did not intend to, or it might turn into an open discussion that will help the polygrapher to ask further questions and trying to get into details which, consequently, might stress you out making you look lying even if you are only telling the truth. Moreover, the tester might try to trick you by making you believe that he is totally aware that you are lying, do not fall for it, it is a trap that he is using to let you drop your guard down. Make sure you are also not justifying your answers or giving more information than is needed, for that might be used against you.

5 Breath control

Since the lie detector machine is mainly based on monitoring your psychological state, it might be easy to conceal your lying if you are well practiced. Definitely, when you are stressed, a lot of physiological changes might occur such as faster heart beats, sweating, and heavier breathe. So, one of the best methods that you can use to trick the machine is to control your breathing, trying to make it calmer and slower. Other ways that are used for tricking those sensors attached to you are to hold your breath for a few seconds, but without taking it too far so that tester does not suspect you, besides, you can take longer time while you are exhaling before you start to inhale again.

If you were capable of controlling your breath, you would definitely pass the test safely and would be able to cheat by tricking the machine to work according to your will, so you would not ever get caught even if you had been lying all along.

6 Dry fingers

Well, you should be mindful of those little clips that you get your fingers slid into; these clasps are known to be containing electric dermal sensor, which helps in sensing whether your hands are getting moist and drenched due to anxiety and constant worry. Psychological wise, excessive hands’ sweating is known to be a sign of being afraid or extremely nervous. To prevent all of this from taking place, you will need to spray some antiperspirant on your hands, so your hands will not get sweaty or, at least, not much.

7 Prepare yourself mentally

Try to figure out the reasons why the polygraph examiner wants you to undergo this test whether to know more about your identity and make sure that you are not an undercover agent or to make sure that you do not use any kind of illegal substances.

Prepare yourself and think what exactly that you can tell and what you do not need to confess, but you definitely should be aware that the tester will try to apply on you as much pressure as you can to get the information he needs, so you should be mentally ready for all the uncomfortable interrogations you will have to go through. Try to think of this test as a job interview, so you do not get stressed during the examination and be ready to control your psychological and physiological states while being attached to that machine.

8 Pain yourself slightly

Well, you have already learned that the lie detector machine is all about your psychological and physiological states, and now you know how to make some changes occur according to your will. Since your heart rate and blood pressure are both being sensed during the examination, you might need to cause some alteration to be able to pass the test. Causing yourself some pain will help in increasing your heart pumping more and more, so you can do this by slightly biting your tongue, but make sure not to cut yourself, so you may get caught bleeding and your little game will be figured out.

9 Learn the difference between the types of questions you are asked

Getting to know the difference between the types of questions that you will be asked is an essential part of knowing how to cheat this machine and when to lie or when to respond honestly and accordingly you will be controlling your breath, just as you have already learned. Well basically there are three main kinds of questions that you need to know the difference between them, these questions are either relevant, irrelevant or control. Starting by the relevant; they are questions that are quite significant and they include asking about whether you have used any illegal substances, stolen money, or did anything that is unlawful. In other words, they are questions that you will automatically answer with No to get yourself out of trouble.

The second type is the irrelevant questions and, definitely, they are fairly apparent, besides, they do not ever seem to make sense because they are questions that the tester usually knows the answer to such as asking about your name, which he is supposed to be formerly aware of, or asking about whether the lights in the room are on or off, and you have to try to respond as calmly as you can. The last type of the questions is the control ones; they are the questions that are opposite to the relevant ones and your answer will automatically be yes to the questions, but you will not be so comfortable answering them.

10 Handle the post-test interview

Once you get yourself detached from the lie detector machine, the tester may leave you for quite some time to put you under stress, but once he comes back, he might state that he already knows what you have been lying about all along.

This is surely a trick that you would not want to fall into, so try to stay calm and firmly insist that you have been telling the truth and resist the urge to justify yourself or clear your answers and, if possible, try to dismiss yourself from any further tests claiming that you have already passed the test you were formerly coming for.

No matter how scary the situation may be, with some research and study you can pass anything with great ease.


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