Top 10 least polluted Countries in the World

With all the hype, pollution and disputes in the world, we, human beings, sometimes get the thought of feeling all that and head to a sanctuary where we are able to restore our tender human nature and faith in humanity. We believe that we, humans, feel free and accomplished when we stay in a place filled with good air quality so you can please our lungs and nostrils after years of breathing smog. Top ten lists ten of the cleanest cities filled with good air quality if you are considering a trip to restore your peace of mind and healthy state.

1 Iceland

Iceland is known for its incomparable beauty, alluring magic landscapes, fresh air; the country has the cleanest air in the world. In fact, there is a city in Iceland that is called Reykjavik that is known for its clean fresh air that tickles people pink whenever they breathe. The reason behind Reykjavik’s clean atmosphere is its small population; it has around 120,000 people there. Reykjavik lies at the center of Iceland’s governmental, economic and cultural activity. Located in Northern Europe, the city’s air quality has a rating of 87.50 which suggests that it’s more than fairly clean and pure.

People in Iceland dedicate time and effort to cover the lands in green. Moreover, the green landscape makes Iceland the ultimately perfect destination for those who are looking forward to having a rest, relaxing and enjoying the fresh air and beautiful nature.

2 Ireland

Whenever Ireland is mentioned, you probably think of beautiful and special redheads and vast green landscapes.

Here is the question: Why people visit Ireland? Because of its mesmerizing nature, breathtaking green hills, or fresh and clean air? Or maybe because of all that? Let’s say all the before mentioned elements help the country garner visitors and tourists; However, let’s underline and stress on the fresh and clean air which is, of course, a product of the green hills and the overwhelming presence of nature.
How can Ireland maintain such a clean environment that helps its population lead a better life and be healthy?

Ireland has strict environmental regulations and its population is keen on keeping their country clean and relaxing.

3 Sweden

Despite the fact that Sweden is one of the top five happiest countries in the world and that it achieved genuine progress in economic, political, and social terms, Sweden has managed to maintain its clean life.
If you ever have the privilege of living in Sweden, you will be able to drink clean water and be graced with work-life balance.

Sweden is one of the rare countries where you can enjoy escalated life and wake up with fresh, sunny atmosphere.

4 Whitehorse, Canada

Canada is considered as the biggest country in the list and the second country with the cleanest air in the whole wide world so it would be normal to encounter the country’s name not once but twice, although its high CO2 emissions. Way to go, Canada! Canada dedicates unpreceded efforts to keep green-covered landscape that is marked by a variety of flora and fauna. Moreover, it passes strict environmental laws.

Whitehorse, which is the largest city in northern Canada, was only built in 1950, which makes it a new city that had great potential for more promising planning and infrastructure. Oka, if such facts do not knock your socks off then you should know that this city has the Guinness World Record for having the least polluted air in the world.

5 Calgary, Canada

Calgary is the best destination for skiing lovers. In fact, it is ranked as one of the cleanest countries with the cleanest air. However, the air quality at Calgary is at 72.58 which make us worry because the air quality has declined a few notches but let’s hope everything would get back to normal. We have to admit, it is much better than many countries in the world that make it hard to breathe in there.

Calgary is a city where are industries are big, including like energy, financial services, film and television, transportation and logistics, technology, manufacturing, aerospace, health and wellness, retail, and tourism sectors.

6 Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is famous for its low number of vehicles and a good life expectancy. So it did not come to our surprise that pollution levels are declining there. The air quality is estimated at 80.95, which maintains that the clean air and green environment are an integral part of the country’s lifestyle.

Surprisingly, Helsinki is the largest city in Finland in a world where big cities are a sanctuary of pollution and smog. Maintaining the good air quality did not contradict with the city;’s plans for establishing industry and infrastructure.

7 Zurich, Switzerland

Okay, let’s count on our finger what we love about Switzerland! What makes such a country special? Chocolate, cheese, watches or snow? Actually, all that! Switzerland is one of the happiest countries. But the country has made it here because of its good air quality.

We were relieved to learn that Zurich’s clean air would never decline as it follows a manifold approach that keeps its climate clean and lung-friendly.

8 Vienna, Austria

If you are fond of art, music, theatre and architecture, Vienne is the perfect city for you. All the forms of art there will tickle you pink. It is not only art what makes Vienne glamorous and enchanting, but it is also the air quality. With air quality that sounds at 79.46, the country’s air quality goes unrivaled for such a big city with tourists and cars strolling and hurling in it.

There is a deep-rooted perception that states that the more the country is wealthy, the more it is polluted due to factories, cars, and people who make it difficult to keep green landscapes and animals in big cities like New York.

However, when it comes to Vienne, the city is wealthier than you will ever think with a per capita of 47,200 EURO. Vienna headed the 2016 Quality of Living Ranking by the international Mercer Consulting Group for the seventh consecutive year. So, have you packed your bags to move to Vienne?

9 Sydney, Australia

Whenever Australia is mentioned, Kangaroos, nature, jaw-dropping beaches come to our minds. However, Australia is much more than that. The country has a record which demands pride when it comes to both good air and water quality. Thus, let’s say it human-friendly in general. Sydney’s air quality stands at 72.34. It is obviously odd when you find out that the most populous and packed city in Australia, Sydney, is maintaining its status as a clean country that offers a great lifestyle for humans and animals.

If you consider traveling, moving or migrating there, the clean air and environment doe snot demand that you show work in the field of agriculture. On the contrary. Australia has a well-established economy. Not to mention that Australia is really far away from all the hype, disputes and wars in the world. It is like the city of design so the resident would restore their humanity.

10 Kollam, Kerala, India

Here we come to ‘gods own country.’ It is pretty surprising to encounter such country, India, on the list, given the fact that India does not enjoy a reputation as a remotely clean country. However, the instinct and deep-rooted spirituality in the country makes it easier for it to keep some cities clean and distant from all the hype and pollution in the rest of the country. Dubbed as ‘Gods own country’ rendered the city clean and safe, like who is going to pollute God’s own country?

Kollam is a Technopark, which is the only Indian IT park that can be reached by road, rail and air. Still not convinced that India has a place without smog? Kollam’s air quality stands at 79.17. Impressive, isn’t it?

Apparently, Kollam is marked as a place that witnessed the great existence of Phoenicians and Romans.

So, what is your favorite city among the ones beforementioned? Tell us in the comment section below.

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