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Top 10 Racist Countries In The World

People are still stereotyped, despite the civilization and technology our planet reached. Many organizations and institutes are designed to call for equality and freedom. Yet, all of this is in vain; many countries do not respect statements of supreme global institutions, as the UN. They keep on having the same views towards people through the lens of racism. There are many that suffer from racial discrimination, because of gender, religion, color, etc. So, we bring to you the top 10 racist countries.

10 South Africa:

It is Mandela’s home, who fought a lot to put an end to racism. South Africa is one of the racist countries in Africa, people there are awfully racists as, in some places in South Africa, prices and qualities of products are set according to the race of a person. There are groups of people who are encouraging violence in opposition to the White, yet authorities always are eager to arrest them.

9 India:

This Asian country suffers from Marathi Manoos, Bihari xenophobia and the incessant Hindu- Muslim division. The underbelly is covered with racist deeds that take place all over India. A segregation of north east Indians is a spread scene there. Stereotyping Africans and Europeans causes India to be a racially prejudiced country.

8 Pakistan:

A country with a Muslim majority! It experiences fights and clashes between Shia and Sunni Muslims. It seems to be an ongoing process, since the Pakistani government has taken no procedures to hold it back. Tremendous intolerance towards blasphemy is a sort of racial discrimination in Pakistan. It seems trifle to end lives because simply you cannot accept the other. It is awful!

7 United States of America:

It is not a home of democracy, as claimed, yet it is a home of some of the most racists in the globe. In the South and Mid-West stated like Arizona, Missouri, Mississippi, racism is thought to be a lifestyle. There, a trend of refusing different color, religion or even a political tendency is an everyday matter. A double-dealer!

6 United Kingdom:

The British ruled the entire world, in some times. Indeed, they show detestation towards the Americans, French, Romanians, and Bulgarians etc. They refused them, calling them the other. “Other” is a very offensive word, according to the belief of the UK.

5 Russia:

Racism is taking place in Russia as it is against those people who are deemed not originally Russians. Refugee or immigrants from these different races suffer racial stereotyping and long-lasting discrimination. It is also well-known for violating its worldwide obligations under the UN Convention on Racial Discrimination. It is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

4 Germany:

There are nowadays German neo-Nazi ideas that have become famous all over the world. Those adopting these ideas follow Adolf Hitler. The National Democratic Party of Germany has been liable for spreading Neo-Nazi or Neo-Fascist leanings. They hate all foreigners and still think that Germany is the superb. Both the German Government and the UN are exerting no effort to keep hold of these underground deeds.

3 Rwanda:

Genocide is the most used action in Rwanda. Most of the people who were viciously killed belong to Tutsi ethnicity whereas the killers belong to the Hutu tribe. Conflict between the two still exists. It is a life that cannot be endured, seeing people are torn because of racism. The 1994 genocide was a piece of hell that is repeating today.

2 Japan:

Japan is a racially intolerant country that has effective restrictions on xenophobic actions. Furthermore, foreign nationals are famous to be sometimes restricted from some services and positions. Always an act of hypocrisy takes place in those claiming to be tolerant.

1 Israel:

The racism begins from the history of the state, when after the World War II; the entire world was generally empathizing with the Jews, to cut a state from another to be theirs. However, Israel discriminates the Palestinians; who are the native of this place and land.


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