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Top 10 Easiest Homemade Christmas Gifts

What am I going to buy? Who needs what? Who likes to get this gift? This gift is suitable for whom? Do I have enough money to purchase all the gifts that I need for all the persons whom I have on the Christmas gift list? How many persons do I have on my list?

How am I going to buy gifts for all of those whom I know? Are there any cheap Christmas gifts that can solve this problem for me? Should I purchase a gift for everyone? STOP this is enough. All of these questions and more come to your mind when you find that it is necessary for you to hurry to purchase Christmas gifts for all of those whom you know especially your family and friends, but what should you do? The simplest and easiest solution to your problem is to think about homemade Christmas gifts that can save your money and keep your wallet full. It may be thought that making Christmas gifts at home is really tiring and requires spending a long time, but in fact, this is not true.

There are countless Christmas gifts that you can make on your own at your home and making these gifts does not require wasting a lot of money, spending a long time, or even having a prior experience. Homemade Christmas gifts are also more impressive and special since you can personalize them to seem as if they are specially made for the recipient. Let’s discover more about what we can make by taking a look at the following top 10 easiest homemade Christmas gifts that are presented here.

10. Stitched leather cases


They can be easily made using leather and are perfect for keeping different items that are usually used such as sunglasses, pens, cards, tablets, mobile phones, and other items that we use and need protection or need something to be collected in. You do not need to be perfect at sewing in order to know how to make these fascinating leather cases.

9. Refrigerator Peg Magnets

clothes pegs

Making these refrigerator peg magnets does not require purchasing expensive materials as all that you need for making them can be easily found at your home. You can use these peg magnets as cardholders and can also be used for hanging notes, kids’ drawings, and even clothes when they are used as hooks.

8. Handbags & clutches


There is not a woman or even girl who does not need this gift since most of the women and girls carry them while attending different occasions whether they are formal or casual. Handbags and purses can be easily made through using simple fabrics and materials at your home. You can make the handbags and clutches more fascinating through decorating them using pearls, crystals, artificial flowers and more items that are usually used for decorating handbags and purses or clutches to suit women’s taste.

7. Picture frames


They are among the easiest gifts to be made. You can make them of wood, plastic or other materials that are available at your home. Decorating photo frames can be done through adding paper flowers, seashells, nice drawings or even buttons. Make your gift more impressive through presenting it with a photo of you and the recipient, adding a special date or engraving the recipient’s name.

6. Accessories


Presenting accessories for men and women is considered to be a good idea that does not cost you a lot of money. There are several materials that you can use for creating amazing accessories such as clay, different types of metals and fabrics and for decoration you can use rhinestones, beads, pearls and more decorative items that can be easily found and are not costly.

5. Clocks

etsy, wood clock 3

Clocks can be created in different shapes to suit the age of the recipient. You can design your clock to suit children through decorating it with cartoon characters. Clocks can also be designed in the shape of animals and birds that suit all age groups. The most common material that is used for creating clocks is wood. There are also other materials that you can use such as plastic and paper.

4. Soap


Soap can be easily purchased, but why do not you make it on your own and present it as a nice gift. You can make soap in different breathtaking scents and create it in various amazing shapes such as hearts, squares, circles and other shapes that you like. Soap is also made in different colors to make it easy for you to choose what the recipient likes.



There are many people who like reading books, so why do not you make use of this chance and create bookmarks to present them to book lovers. You can create bookmarks for children through using cartoon characters to make them catchier. There are several materials that you can use for making bookmarks such as paper and the material that is better than this is wood which lasts for a long time.

2. Aprons


They are essential for all women and girls who spend a long time in the kitchen for cooking and washing dishes. Making aprons is not difficult at all and you can easily decorate them through creating ruffles or adding flowers. The fabrics that are used for making aprons are available in different colors, types, patterns and prints to choose what suits the recipient’s taste.

1. Pincushions

Tussie Mussie Pin Cushion Closeup-001
2014 party candles ideas - handmade pincushion with recycle upcycle-f56213

Nothing is easier than creating a pincushion. The materials that are needed for making pincushions can be easily found at home which means that you will not need to purchase extra materials from stores. Pincushions are functional gifts since they can be used for storing pins and needles instead of losing them and wasting time looking for them everywhere.

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