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Top 10 E-commerce Tools Every Marketer Should Have

It has been discovered that more than 90% of e-commerce businesses struggle to succeed. These is shocking statistics because there are millions of companies in various industries on the internet. The truth is that the most successful e-commerce brands have found a way to separate themselves from the crowd by using top internet marketing tools.

The principal aim of this post is to expose you to some of the best e-commerce tools on the internet. Whether you want to admit it or not, the survival of your business depends on these tools. Just ensure that you go through them and make a list of those you lack at the moment.

1 Keyword Research Tools

The e-commerce industry majorly survives on various keywords. Your competitors are targeting some specific keywords in your niche at the moment using some tools. The last thing you want to do is being broad in your market as this will do more harm than good. You want to ensure that you’ve got tools that will extract competitive keywords from major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Don’t ever make the mistake of trying to come up with keywords from the top of your head as such may prove to be a recipe for failure.

 2 Social Media Tools

Social media websites are proving to be one of the significant sources of traffic for most companies around the world. There are tools that help make the marketing process on these websites seem like a walk in the park. While some of them are free, there are those that are paid. It is all about knowing your budget and trying to go for the one that can fit in. Through these applications, you will be able to get lots of followers quickly and also effectively manage them.

 3 E-mail Marketing Tools

Your e-commerce business isn’t complete if you aren’t making use of an email marketing platform at the moment. There are lots of them that you can sign up with such as Aweber, Getresponse, Mail Chimp, and others. These companies are there to ensure that you send messages to your prospective and existing customers in an automated way.

Also, the use of an email marketing tool helps you to keep track of all your marketing campaigns. For instance, you will be able to know people that are taking action on your offers. And this helps in the process of making decisions that will boost performances over time.

 4 Customer Support

If you sell something that people always need some clarification about before placing orders, this is a tool that you may not be able to do without it. It is like having someone on a 24/7 seat will meet the needs of your customers. The best part is that they aren’t expensive to install. Some even cost as low as $5. However, their impacts can be tremendous in your e-commerce business. They can come in the form of multilingual content, social media, message integration, VoIP call center integration, live chat, and many others.

 5 Website Building Tools

These are very important when setting up your website and make the process very easy and less time-consuming, especially with suitable digital marketers tools. Gone are the days when you have to rack your brains about setting up a site where your products can be displayed. For instance, you don’t need to learn about HTML language before putting a website that will convert like crazy. Thanks to a platform such as WordPress. Also, if you are planning to do drop shipping, most of the companies it will provide ways through which your website will be set up in less than 10 minutes.

 6 Video Editing Software

A platform such as YouTube is proving to be one of the most visited today due to the video content that it providers users. If you want to explore this platform, then you need video editing software that will enable you to create stunning videos which will leave your target audience impressed. There are lots of them all over the internet that you can take advantage of today. Some are free while others are paid. The advice here is only to stick with the free versions if you have got a limited budget. However, if you want to take your business seriously, you can choose the ones that are paid. Camtasia seems to be one of the best-paid applications.

 7 Article Writing Software

It is true that you can hire the services of freelancers for this purpose. However, don’t forget that this is one tool that can help you save money in the long run. The best part is that they do churn out top-quality articles at will. There are lots of them that you can try out today for the best results. Article writing wizard seems to be one of the best out there and will save you time and money. Your article writing campaigns just got better with a tool such as this.

 8 Competition Research Tool 

Your ability to research your competition effectively will ensure that you aren’t leaving any stone unturned in your bid to make as much as you can in your niche. You need to know everything about competing websites in your niche. This will enable you to develop the right marketing plans at every given point in time. Some tools will tell you more about the keywords your competitors are targeting, the websites they are linking from, how much they are paying for ads, and so on. Semrush and Seo quake are great for this purpose.

 9 Logo Creator

A professional logo can cost more than $300. Instead of looking for a freelancer to hire over and over again, you can get a tool that will help you create one without breaking the sweat. You don’t need to be a computer geek to get this done within minutes. A tool such as this will save you from all the stress. Deluxe is one of the highly recommended and will meet your needs.

 10 Google Analytics 

It is free, but the results are amazing. You can use it in analyzing various websites in your niche. This tool is handy once you plan to use paid advertising to sell your goods.

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