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Top 5 Services Every Start-up Business Need

There has never been a better time in history to start your own business. Most businesses are blooming, and start-ups with innovative ideas are the trend of the moment. Every young graduate is either opening, operating or working at a start-up, and in this article, we will be taking a look at the top services every start-up should be using if you are a young start-up owner who doesn’t know what services you should apply for what business function then our guide here has you covered. So without further ado let us take a look at the top services every start-up business needs.

 1 Tailor Logo – Branding and Logo Design

Branding for any new business is essential and necessary. Any business that doesn’t carry a distinct brand identity which is unique and distinguishable from its competitor tends to risk being lost in the heard of businesses out there and hence branding and having a unique brand identity is extremely important. To help you with all your branding related troubles Tailor Logo by Tailor Brands comes in. It is an Artificial intelligence powered logo maker which generated professional looking logos for you. Apart from logo it also offers related branding solutions like merchandise design, Social Media posts, Business cards, etc. give it a try if you had been looking for a branding agency to help you create your unique and distinct identity.

 2 Zenefits – HR and Payroll 

The people you employ are what can make or break any early stage start-up, and HR management is crucial for any new business. Zenefits comes in to help you manage your Human capital effectively and with ease. Zenefits offers complete automation and allows you to do everything online. It helps you with proper payroll reporting, benefits accounting, time and attendance tracking, talent management and recruiting, etc. It is a one-stop solution for all your human resource related requirements. Zenefits is completely free since it gets all its revenue from the benefits providers and hence it is completely free to use for small businesses and end users.

 3 Help Scout – Support and Services

Are you being bombarded with unlimited emails requesting support for your services? If you answered Yes, then Help Scout is the service you need. Help Scout is a holistic all in one support software to help you reach your customers in a more organized and personalized way. Help scout helps you automate a lot of your support outreach activities and allows you to have more time to solve the problems that matter. You can set up help documents before you can even spell out the word, connect with your customers in a more personalized manner and even get better business intelligence reports for those meetings with the upper echelons.

 4 Zapier

You may have observed how “Automation” is the buzzword every service on this list uses in some way or another. Zapier is an automation tool that lets you automate all of your workflows with the trigger-action method of automation. If you have ever used IFTT on your mobile device, you should already be familiar to the type of automation Zapier promises. Zapier integrates with every application out there under the sun and allows you to create custom workflows to make your life a lot easier. It also has a host of its in-house applications which you can use to create custom workflows. Zapier offers a free forever subscription plan and a premium subscription plan that offers even more functionality.


 5 TurboTax – Tax and Auditing

If you are someone who isn’t from a financial background, you know how big hassle taxation is. Tax is hard, that is pure fact. To help you navigate through this difficult road of taxation TurboTax comes in. TurboTax is completely free to use service which allows you to file your tax return easily and more importantly accurately. Real CPAs go through your report before it actually gets filed and if you are a small business owner or a freelancer, then it also ensures you get all of the deductions possible, so you don’t end up paying excessive tax. How does TurboTax Work? It’s simple, you fill out a questionnaire with all the information and submit it, capture an image of your W-2 to verify the data and just file. It searches for over 350 deductions which may apply to you and gets you the best possible tax refunds if you have paid excessive tax earlier. A definite lifesaver, give TurboTax a try today.

Bonus Service:

Who doesn’t like to get a little bit extra, so here’s one bonus service which you should use if you are a start-up business.

 6 Mention – Brand Monitoring and Analysis

Every brand needs to be monitored. Everything that is ever created needs to be analyzed and scrutinized to know what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong. Mention helps us analyze and scrutinize the brand we have painstakingly built over years of dedication and hard work. Mention is a tool that allows you to monitor your brand in real time and find customized insights related to it. It helps you narrow down the appropriate influencers to work with as well as provide you with automated reports. All these things help you get a competitive advantage over your competition with regards to branding.  You can easily track everything that is important and keep your audience engaged with quality content created with the help of appropriate reports. Give Mention a try today if you want to build a stronger brand.

So this was our list of the top five services every start-up business should use plus a bonus tip to help you manage and monitor your brand. If you have any questions feel free to ask us below in the comments and we will get back to you.

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