Top 10 Dogs with the Most Unusual Coats Ever

Dogs are considered to be one of the most amazing creatures on earth. Even if you are not a big lover of animals, it is really hard to resist the playfulness of dogs or those little puppies that stand there staring at you with their little cute eyes. Most of people in the United States, like 80% of the whole population, own dogs or at least had at some point of their lives, and no one can blame them, for dogs are actually friendly and beautiful creatures that are great to live with; and let us not forget the fact that no one in this whole world is going to love you as much as your dog; your dog is actually willing to spend its whole life just waiting for you to come back, and once you do, you will find it the most exciting one in the house. Yes it is true; dogs can love you even more than your own family does. However most of the dogs owned by people are mostly of the popular breeds, for you do not really happen to come across many who have hybrid dogs; one that looks a bit different in size, color, fur, or shape due to several reasons, but there are actually a lot of them out there and they are equally beautiful and amazing. In this article we introduce you a list of 10 dogs with the unique coats ever.

10 Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog is usually referred to by OES; it is one of the dog breeds that first developed in England. These dogs are easily recognized since they are relatively large in size and covered with a very long as well as bushy coat that even covers their eyes, or their whole faces altogether. As puppies, they are usually born with their coats in black and white and since their dense hair is usually found in double colors, the dark part of the coat can vary in its shade from gray to black or, in some rare cases, blue, but it is only when they grow older that their color can begin to change. You will certainly recognize these dog breeds once you come across one of them.

9  Mudi

Mudi is a dog breed that is popular in Hungary. This dog is commonly known to be born with no tail, but they develop one while growing up while some of them are actually born with tails that vary in their lengths. Mudis can be found in several different colors including black, brown, white and ash; sometimes they are born with double-colored coats, mostly black and gray. Their coats are a bit dense and vary from being curly to loose wavy. They are known to be one of the fastest dog breeds ever, and that is why they are always in need of big spaces.

8 Panda German Shepherd

The Panda German shepherd is usually mistaken to be one of the hybrid breeds, but actually it is not; those panda dogs are usually born to two pure German shepherds, but what causes it to have different coat markings is a mutation in a specific gene known as KIT. This gene gives the dogs blue eyes as well as random white marking distributed over their body’s coat. These dogs are usually known as Panda for two reasons; the first is the fact that pandas are rare and so is this dog breed, and the second is because the white markings of their skin is not like the normal white, but instead resemble the white color of the panda, which is usually known as the Irish white or Piebald white.

7 Akita Puppy

The Akita Puppy originated from Japan, where it is known as Akita Ken, Japanese Akita, or Great Japanese Dog. This breed of dogs has an appearance reflects its capability of adapting to extremely cold weather, mainly because they originated from mountains in the northern regions of Japan. They have two different types of coats; either a fur with a normal length or a relatively long fur, but they both are very soft. They are also found in different colors varying from solid white along with a black mask to dark colors with random white markings, and they usually recognizable by the different coat color on their legs that makes them look wearing cute little socks.

6 Australian Cattle Dog

Well, it is obviously clear from its name that this breed was originated from Australia. The Australian Cattle Dog’s coat is either black, gray or brown, but that does not apply to Puck; a dog that became so famous across the internet after he has been adopted by a family after finding him stray because his owner abandoned him. Puck has a white coat with a lot of golden spots all over his body, and brown ears. His eccentric coat is another reason that made him popular on the internet since it is very rare or hasn’t been witnessed in other dogs before.


5 Merle Coated Dogs

Merle is not the breed’s name, but it is the name of the patterns of the coats, or primarily the name of the gene that alters the markings and patterns on the basic coats. They come in different colors, but the most common characteristic between dogs that carry the merle gene is the fact that they have beautiful blue eyes. This gene, the merle, change the base color of the coat, mainly making the solid coat covered with dark patches, and it can occur in a lot of different breeds of dogs, making them look beautifully different.

4 Bi-Colored Pug

Pugs are cute chubby dogs, known to be fawn or black, and in either colors, their ears, nose and the area surrounds the eyes are black. They are also recognizable with their faces that are full of wrinkles. All of these characteristics are common between all the pugs, but there are also some pug dogs that were born with rare coats patterns; half black and half fawn. They are of the same breeds of pug dogs, but the reason they look a bit different is due to some mutations that occurred in their genes, resulting in this beautiful pattern of coats.

3 Heart-Shaped Markings on Dogs’ Coats

It is quite known that dogs are the most loving and loyal creatures on the planet; they can love you endlessly. We all have surely seen a lot of movies and heard several different stories about dogs who waited for their owners for long hours, and felt depressed whenever they are not around, and there are also those breathtaking stories about dogs who mourn their former owners’ death by lying there on their graves, crying. There is actually no need to mention how lovable dogs can be, but imagine if their love is clear and obvious in terms of appearance? Interesting, right? Well, for some reasons, a lot of dog breeds have had some modifications in their genes, resulting in some of the most beautiful coats markings ever; which are heart-shaped markings. These markings tell us stories about how these creatures have a lot of love in their hearts to give.

2 Mustache-Shaped Markings on Dogs

This is considered one of the funniest markings ever; the mustache markings. Some dogs were born with a marking right under their noses that bears a great resemblance of a mustache. Such markings do not grow on a specific breed, but it can actually occur in almost all dogs of any breed, either grown up dogs, or newborn puppies. It might look a bit odd and eccentric, but that does not change the fact that it looks hilarious and adorable as well.

1 Hybrid of the Pomeranian & Australian Shepherd

This is actually the most beautiful and eccentric coat ever. This stunning looking dog is a cross breed between an Australian Shepherd and a Pomeranian; their coats have the most unusual as well as amazing patterns ever, but unfortunately every beautiful thing comes with a price, and despite the fact that dogs that are born to mix breeds are stronger than those that are born to pure ones, this mix of the Pomeranian and the Australian Shepherd are usually born suffering from some health issues either in their bones, teeth, or even hearts. And also some of them could be born either deaf or blind, or both. They might not always have the best health, but their coat patterns and shapes cannot be beaten by any other breed.

After all, every dog that has ever existed or is going to, is undeniably beautiful no matter what it looks like. Some dogs might really have some odd shapes, and others are more attractive, but that does not change the fact that they are one of the purest creatures that have ever existed in our world and the most loving too.


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