Top 10 Countries with the Highest Number of Facebook Users

With the number of internet users growing every day, Facebook has become the world’s major linking spot. It is on its way to replace phone calls and text messages as the major means of remote communication. When you need to talk to your friend, you would ask for his\her Facebook account. You will not only be contacting but you will check your friend’s status and updates as well. However, for a considerable number of people things are getting out of control. They may ignore pressing demands for the sake of some time on Facebook. This is called Facebook addiction and most of the articles written on this issue suggest that people should not spend most of their time communicating with others via Facebook to give room to more useful habits and tasks. Let us then list the top 10 countries with the highest number of Facebook users that are thought to have Facebook mania!

10 Germany

The 10th biggest rate of Facebook users is for the German bloc of about 25 million people. Big multinational firms like Wella, Adidas, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Korber, Opel, Porsche, and SAP all use Facebook to achieve great profits. There is no doubt that such names have caught your eyes in the ads bar!

9 France

With more than 25 million Facebook users, France is another substantial bloc. Though it does not include the well-known and big perfume companies, the ones that occupy the major advertising space are mostly the chocolate producers including Ferrero Rocher, Nutella and M&M’s.

8 Philippines

The big Philippine companies are less famous outside the Philippines but are still easily reachable through Facebook. The number of Facebook users from the Philippines went over 29 million users in the last year and of course the number is getting bigger every day.

7 Turkey

Turkey started to take the economic lead with many products being exported abroad. Unlike the Philippines, it does not depend on Facebook advertising section to achieve publicity. The only company that does is Turk Telekom, we think you saw the name too. The number of users from Turkey has exceeded that of Germany and France, totaling 32 million users all under 35 years old.

6 United Kingdom

The English speaking country is not featured outside the list in terms of using Facebook for advertising. A great number of British users are using Facebook on a daily basis and they are estimated to be about 35 million users. Their end however is not pure socializing, as many of the British lay persons are very good at making money through Facebook.

5 Mexico

With over 45 million users, it seems that Mexico pays a lot of care for socializing. The number of male and female users logging into Facebook is nearly equal. Because of language boundaries, Mexican companies do not tend to advertise using Facebook, but still every company whether big or small has its own page on Facebook.

4 Indonesia

In Indonesia, about %20 of the population use the internet; this same percentage of about 61 million users are managing their profiles on Facebook. Bank Central Asia is one Indonesian institution that got itself featured in the advertising section. The likes that Blackberry and Samsung get on their Facebook pages are in the most part by the people of this country.

3 Brazil

With over 203 million people in population, 71 million Brazilians are Facebook users. With average age ranging from 18-35 according to Facebook, there are equal percentages of male and female users.

2 India

When the population exceeds one billion people, a number of 109 million Facebook users in just one country is not going to be big. The Indian average age of users is, like most countries, between 18 and 35. The older minority is also found especially among the ones who either have a business to follow up or try to contact with family members living abroad.

1 United States

Now, here is the expected number 1. The increasing number of U.S. users on Facebook has exceeded 160 million of both sexes. As for the commercial part, most of the companies you see featured in the advertising zone are American; from At&T to Nestle and Coca Cola.

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