Top 10 Best Countries For Education in The World

Education was and still the source of wealth. Wealth not only mean that you have more money but it is also meaning the power and learning how you can control your life. Today we have a positive view about education and learning . The number of children who drop out of school has seen a massive reduction in the world. Lack of education means lack of progress and more of poverty. the least educated countries suffer from poverty and wars. So we should determine our objectives and encourage the Education because  education is the generation weapon for future. Now we well talk about top ten most educated countries and have a best education system.

10 United State of America:

We all though that USA is ranked number one in all fields but it is not true .USA may be have a high rank in industry and commerce but not in education. USA needs to work more to make a progress on high school and childhood education .its basic knowledge index is 61.3.

9 Poland:

The basic knowledge index for Poland is 61.5. Adult  literacy in Poland is 57.8. Education on Poland for free and each citizen has a right to education



8 Germany:

The basic knowledge index is also 61.5 the same as Poland. In Germany the education system differ from one state to another. Studying foreign language is compulsory and students have a heavily exam. Germany has seen a decline on the education because of its instability.

7 France:

The basic knowledge index is 62.5. The education is compulsory for children between the age of 6 and 16 year and the public education is for free. France has a massive progress in early childhood education system.


The basic knowledge index is 62.9. Israel take care with its education system .Israel was a main reason that Finland has changed their education system .

5 Sweden:

The basic knowledge index is 63.7. Sweden has a high rank on education .The Education is compulsory for every child on the country.the compulsory education includes a special programs for those who have intellectual and physical abilities. This is a main reason for Sweden progress in education.

4 United Kingdom:

Its knowledge index is 64. The education system depends on fell time education until 16 years old in UK. UK government prepare their teenagers for higher education and employment through offering financial incentives.

  3 Republic of Korea:

The knowledge index is 64.2. The education is  and compulsory for all children in Korea and free for those who between 6 and 15 years old. Th education system in Korea depends on technology.  



has considered the best one that had the education system. Its basic knowledge index 64.7. Japan follows advanced technology method.



its enough to know that its knowledge index is 65. Ranked as number one among countries in education.


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