Top 10 Best US Cities to Move to This Year

No matter what your reason for moving may be, you always want to make sure that the place you’re moving to is worth it. One of the main reasons people move to new cities is because of job prospects and the potential for growth. If you don’t do your research beforehand, however, you may find that the city you thought was doing well, is actually on the outs when it comes to the job industry. To limit the chance of having to move again and waste further money, this article will discuss the top 10 US cities worth moving to in 2019.

1 Atlanta, Georgia

The city of Atlanta has always been a mixing pot of culture and customs. It has been redefining what it means to be a Southern city. It also has been redefining what it means to be a city in general. With its dense tree canopy, Atlanta has become known as the city in a forest. Sprawling rivers and glorious mountains are just within reach from the city, offering a beautiful escape for those who need to get away from the city. Besides its great natural beauty, the city also boasts affordability in its housing. The average home price was measured at around $192,892 against the national average of $222,408. This is compared to the incredible average income of $50,720. There are also some resources available to make moving to the city even easier. For example, this Atlanta moving guide by Suddath gives a full breakdown of the city’s neighborhoods, activities, and links to important city services. It’s never been easier to call A-Town home.

2 Austin, Texas

One reason why people are flocking to Austin is because of the 10.9% projected job growth in the city. This is largely due to the burgeoning tech businesses that have made the city their home. Austin has an average income of $87,389 and an average home price of $326,562.

3 Raleigh, North Carolina 

With an average property tax of $2,632, the city of Raleigh has some incredible cost of living savings. That’s what this city so popular among the younger crowd. Its projected job growth rate is 9.2% and has an average income of $82,021. For those looking to buy a home, the average cost of a home is $263,000.

4 Virginia Beach, Virginia 

For those who like their cities where there is a low rate of unemployment and crime, then you may want to consider Virginia Beach. Their unemployment rate rests under the national average at 3.1%. The employed see an average income of $82,927. Homes stick around the $255,000 range.

5 Jacksonville, Florida 

Besides having a famous farmer’s market and arts hub, this city is also supposed to see substantial job growth in the next few years at a rate of 7.7%. Those who live here can enjoy the beautiful beach while also having an average income of $63,735. Average home prices tend to revolve around $196,000. Considering the city is one of the best beach destinations in the country, that is quite an incredible average.

6 Lexington, Kentucky

One of the most alluring aspects of Lexington is that they have incredibly low taxes. Their sales tax is around 6%, and their property tax typically rests around $1,921. This is compared to their average income of $74,531 and their average household price of $131,000.

7 Columbus, Ohio 

The Big 10 school harbored in Columbus is the biggest reason for the influx of population and growth that the city has seen recently. Jobs continue to be made, and prosperity is only increasing. Besides all of the great sports activities, the city also has a huge 96 museums. Their average income is $61,513, and the median home price is $185,000.

8 Colorado Springs, Colorado

Recently, Colorado Springs has become one of the country’s best tech hubs. With this expanding sector, job growth is sure to be expected. The average income here is $75,795, and the average home price is $285,000. The city also provides plenty of activities and events throughout the year to enjoy.

9 San Diego, California

For those who love diversity where they live, you can’t go wrong with San Diego. Numerous cultures and landscapes all seem to work cohesively in one of the largest cities in the country. The average income is $91,199, and the median home price is $555,000. If you happen to be a bit nerdy, then you’re in the perfect spot San Diego’s Comic-Con where celebrities and fans intermingle.

10 Seattle, Washington 

Amazon is largely to blame for Seattle’s fantastic success in the past few years. It makes the average income of $112,211 possible. However, it does have a steep median home price of $676,889. However, the city itself is quite cheap, and you typically receive a lot of bang for your buck. Interestingly enough, Seattle is touted to be one of the best places for singles. It has a prospective job growth of 7.5%.

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