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Top 10 Countries with the Highest Death Rates

Death has been said to be the inevitable destiny of every man. That is to say, it is one thing everyone must experience at one point or the other. It doesn’t matter whether young or old, rich or poor, sick or healthy, the truth is that it can take place at any time. However, there are countries where it tends to be more experienced as compared to others around the world. These countries have been experiencing a steady decline in their population graphs over the years. According to experts, there could be several factors responsible for this such as poor medical care, political crisis (war), and lack of food and quality water. The major aim of this post will be to look at some of the countries with the highest death rates in recent times.

1 Lesotho

Lesotho is located in the southern region of Africa and has been discovered to have the highest death rate amongst others that will be mentioned in this list with a mortality rate of 14.89. The major cause of people dying in this country is due to diseases like malaria. There is a lack of adequate medical facilities to handle such a problem. Even though the government has been receiving assistance from some international organizations, the truth is that such has been inadequate.

2 Ukraine

You may be shocked to see Ukraine in the list but based on statistics; it holds the second position after Lesotho above. Ukraine has been experiencing conflict as well as crisis over the years and civil reforms. This has lead to lots of people dying in the process. There is also the problem of disease outbreak which has become uncontrollable thereby leading to people losing their lives. Its mortality rate is 14.46.

3 Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country in the continent of Europe which is endowed with natural resources that most countries in the world can only dream of. However, its death rate over the years has not been encouraging. According to experts, the population of this country has been declining steadily and rapidly since 1980. One of the major reasons according to them is the fact that the birth rate has been far lesser than the death rate, which makes the old people and the elderly dominate the population.

4 Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is a country in Africa and occupies position number 4 in this list of countries with the highest death rate. The mortality rate for every thousand population is about 14.33. Over the years, its citizens have experienced lots of political crises which have led to the loss of lives. It is worth mentioning that this country is endowed with vibrant biodiversity and green forests. This hasn’t stopped people from dying rapidly though.

5 Latvia

The mortality rate for Latvia is about 14.32 which puts it in position number five amongst countries with the highest death rates around the world. For decades, Latvia has been known for its cultures which are rich and diverse. However, its death rate has been very high due to poor living conditions and medical facilities. There has been inadequate support from the government thereby living most of the population exposed to diseases.

6 Chad

Chad is one of the developing countries with a very high level of corruption, poverty rate, and lack of medical facilities. Due to all of these factors combined, it has been put in position number 6 according to statistics. It is an African country close to Libya and Sudan. The worst part is that experts have predicted that there is likely to be a continuous rise in its death rate in the future. This is because of the shortage of resources problem which doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. The new mortality rate of this country is about 14.28.

7 Lithuania

Lithuania is another European country that has made this list amongst others. Minimum life expectancy has been the major cause of its rising death rate over the years. According to experts, the death rate of Lithuania is even more than what is being experienced in an African country like Namibia. Another cause of this rise is the poor living conditions of the people.

8 Namibia

Namibia is a country in the southern region of Africa with a mortality rate of about 13.91. Amongst the countries in this list, Namibia seems to be a country which suffers mostly from poor living conditions. There is a lack of shelter and food thereby making the people to be exposed to diseases which eventually cause death. The problem of food shortage is one that kills people yearly. Another factor that has been unfavorable to them is the weather. The dry weather has led to a shortage of water supply. They do get support from international organizations such as UNO and EU, but such isn’t enough.

9 Afghanistan

Given the living conditions in Afghanistan; there is no doubt that it has got to make this list amongst countries with the highest death rates. The mortality rate for every thousand of the population is about 13.89. This is a country that has been ravaged by internal conflicts and war over the years. This has led to many people across various age groups losing their lives. Experts regard it as one of the locations where terrorism tends to exist in the world which means more people are likely to die in the nearest future. The standard of living in this country is also inferior which has also been a contributing factor.

10 Central African Republic

This is the last country on the list with one of the highest death rates in the world. A major cause of the increasing death rate in this location is a shortage of water, shelter, and food. The financial conditions of the people aren’t good enough to make them have quality lifestyles. These have also contributed to the loss of lives over the years. Its mortality rate is 13.8, and this will continue until there are measures put in place to ensure that the standard of living of the people improves.

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