The Top 10 Best IoT Gift Ideas

Did you buy any connected gadgets this year? If not, it’s not too late to stock up for the holidays – smart gifts connected to the Internet of Things are plentiful and varied. Although it may sound futuristic, the Internet of Things simply involves smart gadgets that can gather and transmit data online. From smartwatches to fitness trackers, here’s a roundup of 10 of the best.

1 Connected running shoes

What better way to leap into the Internet of Things than with a pair of connected running shoes? Put your best foot forward with this different type of fitness tracker. Rather than strapping on a bracelet, you can lace up your shoes and get tracking. Made by Under Armour, the SpeedForm Gemini running shoes have hardware that tracks your time and distance.

Connected running shoes

2 Amazon Dash

Many major companies are working on the Internet of Things, from Nokia Networks to Amazon. Make Amazon even more convenient with an Amazon Dash button. Simply push the button and you’ll have your favorite products automatically delivered, without even going online.

Amazon Dash

3 Nest Learning Thermostat

The latest incarnation of the Nest thermostat offers new rings and a sharper display. This smart home heating and cooling system uses a Wi-Fi connection to learn your habits and control your home environment remotely.

Nest Learning Thermostat

4 Huawei Smart Watch

Rated as the top smartwatch this year by PC Advisor, Huawei’s gadget may not be cheap but it offers a sleek, fashionable display and a high quality of build. Although it doesn’t have GPS, it offers a wealth of other features including a heart rate monitor and a long-lasting battery.

Huawei Smart Watch

5 Parrot Garden Sensors

Are you looking for a unique gift for someone who seems to have everything? If that person has a green thumb, try giving the smart Flower Power sensor from Parrot. These garden sensors can be planted into the soil right next to your plants, monitoring soil moisture, fertilizer levels, temperature, and sunlight.

Parrot Garden Sensors

6 Lively Smart Watch

Another smart watch on the market, Lively is useful for loved ones who may be getting up there in age or who have health problems. This gadget monitors your loved one’s health, tracking steps and other activities while also offering an emergency button in case something goes wrong. You can then track your loved one’s behaviour to see if there are any differences, which is useful particularly to spot early signs of dementia.

Lively Smart Watch

7 Drink-monitoring ice cubes

Most of us have accidentally had one too many drinks. With smart ice cubes, you can monitor how much you’ve been drinking. The ice cubes change colours depending on the volume of drinks to track your consumption, and they can even send an alert to your friends to come pick you up if you’re not safe to drive.

Drink-monitoring ice cubes
Three ice cubes

8 Fitbit Surge

Fitbit dominates the market when it comes to physical activity trackers, and the Surge is one of their highest end models. It offers a bevy of stats at the swipe of a finger, tracking your heart rate, workout schedule, and running routes.

Fitbit Surge

9 MyZone MZ3

A fitness tracker for competitive runners and athletes, the MyZone is a great gift this year. It helps you meet all of your fitness goals, connecting with smartwatches for a comprehensive look at your activity levels.

MyZone MZ3

10 Apple Watch Series 2

Finally, we’ll close out this list with another smart watch. For high quality products, Apple is always ahead of the curve, and their Series 2 watch should be on many a Christmas list this season. There have been important improvements to the original design, including a longer battery life and better waterproofing.

Apple Watch Series 2

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