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Top 10 Benefits Of Garlic That Will Shock You …

Alternative medicine is now a new approach in medicine that tries to do without the regular medicine and chemical medications, seeking to use nature, as this approach believes that nature is rich with more efficient substances than these present in medications. Besides, nature has not side effects, unlike the chemical medications that are sometimes banned for some hyper-sensitive patients. Garlic is a piece of nature, which is multi-used. Track this article and you will get great stuff of information at the end, including the top 10 benefits of garlic.

10 Garlic and hair:

Garlic is able to eliminate problems of losing hair because it has high levels of allicin, a sulfur compound parallel to that in onions, they were found successfully treating hair loss. Use small pieces of garlic and apply them on your scalp, compressing them as you go for the largest part of  benefit. You can also instill oil with garlic and rub down it into your scalp.

9 Garlic vs. Cold:

In winter, this is the best cure for cold, garlic is rich with antioxidants, from which the immune system can be benefited. Just take a regular boost of garlic daily. And steep minced garlic in hot water for more than a few minutes, then drink. If adding little of honey, the taste will be better.

8 Garlic vs. Acne:

Garlic can successfully treat acne; it is an ingredient that can replace acne medication, as garlic is deemed to be a large remedy, extracted from nature, to expel ugly blemishes. Garlic’s components eliminate bacteria, so rub a small piece of garlic on the pimple for a useful current treatment.

7 Garlic and psoriasis:

Indeed, garlic has anti-inflammatory benefits, it can be useful in curing sore psoriasis outbreaks. Just apply it by rubbing slight garlic oil on the intended area for silky, rash-free skin.

6 Garlic helps you to lose weight:

Garlic is very helpful if you desire to lose weight, it could help you manage your weight. It is said by nutritionist Cynthia Sass, that he conducted a study showed mice eating a diet with high amount of garlic to reduce their weight. Just put a higher amount of garlic than you used to have for tasty meals that will not gain you weight.

5 Garlic fights cold sores:

Garlic is very famous remedy for cold sore that you can apply it directly on the cold sore; garlic’s natural anti-inflammatory elements can help relieve pain and puffiness. Its supplements may also pace up the treatment process.

4 Garlic is a natural glue:

Garlic is a natural kind of glue; you can notice so when your fingers get sticky after chopping garlic. This is a natural glue quality that can be used by some people to fix hairline breaks in glass. Chop some cloves and apply it on the crack.


3 Garlic as a pesticide:

Garlic is a natural remedy for pests, so prepare a natural pesticide from garlic and then pour it into a spray bottle and vapor your plants to protect them from destructive pests. So your garden will not be attacked anymore, as pests do not like garlic.


2 Mosquitoes are away by Garlic:

 Mosquitoes do not like garlic. Scientists discovered that people who applied a garlicky concoction on body are not attacked by the annoying mosquitoes. You can make garlic oil and apply it on your arms and legs to keep mosquitoes away. And enjoy a calm life.

1 Garlic is helpful for athletes’ feet:

Garlic can be very helpful to athletes’ feet as it have anti-fungal elements, this natural remedy can be a useful way to divest you from uncomfortable athlete’s foot. Just soak your feet in warm water with chopped garlic.

Nature always is rich of high-quality remedies that can replace these chemical medications.







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