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Top 10 Best Tips To Reduce Wrinkles

Facial expressions are one of the most things that people focus on in the field of beauty and cosmetics. Mainly, females are interested to get the most wonderful look that emerges from the face. Indeed, what annoy females, in particular in elderly are wrinkles that lie around the eyes, lips and neck. Here are ten tips to avoid formation of wrinkles.

10 Keep away of the sun:

Many studies revealed that the sun has a negative impact of the complexion. A study conducted on two identical twins found that sun exposure was even more central than genetics. People who are less exposed to sun have fewer wrinkles and seem younger that those who have long sun time.

Keep away of the sun

9 No smoking:

Some of the research is divisive, but more studies are assuring that smoking ages skin, via producing an enzyme that damages collagen and elastin, which are deemed so vital components of the skin. Researchers found that smoking people have more wrinkled skin than non-smokers. Smoking causes skin to be thinner.

- No smoking

8 Enough sleep is essential:

Dermatologist Nicholas Perricone assures that when the body does not get enough sleeping hours, it produces surplus cortisol, it is a hormone that damages skin cells. So, get enough rest and you will create more human growth hormone that makes skin thick, and more elastic, this makes it less probable to wrinkle.[Source:]

Enough sleep is essential

7 Fish is superb!:

Salmon is considered as an immense source of protein, it is one of the constructing blocks of fine skin. It is an overwhelming source of a necessary fatty acid called omega-3. Studies proved that necessary fatty acids nourish skin and maintain it chubby and youthful, helping to decrease wrinkles.


6 Soy is useful:

Studies show some properties of soy that help protect or cure some of the sun’s photo-aging harm. It is published in the European Journal of Nutrition that researchers assured that a supplement having soy perks up skin’s structure and resolution just after six months of usage.


5 No excessive wash for your face:

Some dermatologists at the University Of Maryland Medical Center reported that tap water deprives skin from its natural oils and moisture that save from harm of wrinkles. Washing your face too much causes less protection against wrinkles. If your soap has no moisturizers, you should apply a cleanser.

No excessive wash for your face

4 Retinoids and Topical Vitamin C:

An approved treatment against wrinkles is tretinoin, it is known commercially as Retin A. This prescription cream decreases fine lines and big wrinkles, and fixes sun damage. Retinol is a natural type of vitamin A exists in many products. Studies illustrate that in a stabilized recipe, in high concentrations, it may be as effectual as Retin A, devoid of the side effects, including skin sensitivity or burning. Moreover, studies have found that Topical Vitamin C can augment collagen production, defend against damage from UVB rays, and perk up inflammatory skin conditions. Most of the research refers to the L-ascorbic acid type as the most powerful for wrinkle treatment.

- Retinoids and Topical Vitamin C

3 Chemical peels:

One of a variety of diverse chemicals is used to eliminate the upper layer of skin, causing on purpose damage that leads the body to react by producing more collagen. That offers you more younger-looking and smoother skin.

Chemical peels

2 Pentapeptides:

A research conducted by the National Institutes of Health refers that pentapeptides can boost collagen production in sun-damaged skin. Many studies illustrated that when pentapeptides topically used, it increased collagen production and reduced lines and wrinkles.


1 Dermabrasion:

It is an emptiness suction device employed in tandem with a gentle chemical crystal. Dermabrasion eradicates the upper layer of skin cells and makes a new one, which is more regularly textured skin to the surface. So, lines and wrinkles begin to vanish.


Wrinkles and lines appearing on the face are the most annoying thing women suffer from in aging. Avoid and eliminate them by applying these tips.


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