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Top 10 Most Accurate Psychic Predictions That Came True

Almost everyone knows that psychics and mediums already exist and that they live among all of us, but only a few would actually believe in them.
Most of the psychics or the mediums did not even have any idea that they were ones because the signs started to show up as early as they were little kids, but, with time, they came to know that they are people who are meant to deliver certain messages to the world and each one of them knew their true selves by one way or another. However, people usually tend to confuse between psychics and mediums while both are a bit different when it comes to the psychic readings; psychics are actually people who get access to information about the past, present, or even the future while the mediums are people who are able to connect with spirits from different worlds, but they share the same abilities of the psychics which is knowing a lot about things that had already taken place or even ones that have not even happened yet, so, in conclusion, all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.

These people’s main job is to help deliver messages to you from people who had already died or to read for you things about either the past or the future, but, unfortunately, some of these psychics have had wrong predictions before which, consequently, led people to believe that they were frauds and lose their trust in them. Of course, their readings might turn out to be either right or wrong, but that does not make them any less credible. At any rate, a lot of the well-known psychics had predicted some events to take place sometime in the future and, surprisingly, they did! Check out this list featuring some predictions that turned out to be true years after they were predicted.

10 The Bombing of Oklahoma City
In 1995, a building in Oklahoma City was attacked and bombed by terrorists. This incident was actually predicted by an American psychic medium called Tana Hoy; Hoy was one of those psychics who claimed that they are capable of hearing spirits and guides from a different world. He once stated that he reported his prediction to the police a few months before the attack took place, but they did not seem to take him seriously. In 1995, about an hour and a half before the attack, Hoy was hosting a live radio program and he actually exposed his prediction to the public and in less than two hours, his prediction came true; the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building exploded to record one more tragedy that was considered to be one of the worst terrorist attacks in the history of America.

9 The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Jeanne Dixon was known as one of the best psychic mediums in the 20th century; she was known to have an astrology column in a syndicated newspaper, besides; one of the best-selling books of all times was one that told all about her story, her biography. Jeanne Dixon was lucky enough to have a lot of people who loved and trusted her and she had even gained more popularity after her great prediction of John Kennedy’s death.
In 1956, the Parade Magazine released an issue in May when Dixon had written an article about the presidential elections that took place four years later, in 1960, stating that a Democrat will be the winner of the elections, but he would eventually “be assassinated or die in office.” That was what she wrote and it was also what literally happened four years later when JFK, the democratic leader, won the elections and he was actually murdered three years later. Until this day, this prediction remains Dixon’s legendary.

8 The Death of Mark Twain and His Own Brother
Mark Twain was an American famous writer whose real name was actually Samuel Clemens, and he was not exactly popular for possessing some psychic abilities, but only for his exceptional writing skills. Twain had once predicted his death as his own brother’s and, unfortunately, three weeks after this prediction, his brother had passed away due to an awful boat accident, besides; his body was laid out in the same way as Twain had seen it in his dream. Getting to Twain’s own death, he stated that he believed that he was going to die after the next Halley’s Comet as he was born when one took place. Halley’s Comet is a phenomenon when a comet becomes visible to the earth and it happens nearly every 75 years. Twain died when he was exactly 75 years old and it was the second Halley’s Comet to take place during his life, for he was born in 1835, when the first one happened, and died in 1910 when the second did.

7 The Apollo Moon Landing
Jules Verne was a French novelist who predicted that Apollo moon landing for over 100 years before it actually took place. Verne wrote a short story, in 1865, entitled “From the Earth to the Moon”; telling a story of a number of astronauts who made the first space mission to the mission, launching from Florida on a ship named Apollo 11 and that they would experience a strange feeling of lightness. Verne actually lived in an era that there were not any inventions or vehicles that could fly to the moon, so he certainly had no idea how gravity works in space, but he seemed to have predicted every single detail correctly, for in 1969, the first ship to the moon launched from exactly the same place that Verne had predicted, Florida, with the same number of astronauts who went on the mission and on a ship that had the same name of Verne’s story.

6 The 9/11
Terry and Linda Jamison are psychic twins who claim that they share one soul, for they see the same incidents that take place in the future. In 1999, these twins were in an interview on a radio program and they stated that they were predicting terrorist attacks in New York on the World Trade Center and the tragedy actually took place two years later to be recorded as the worst catastrophe in the history of the United States.

5 The 9/11 Again and the Birth of Hitler
It seems like the twin psychic mediums were not the only predictors of the tragedy of 9/11, for it was also predicted in the 14th century by the most famous astrologist of that time, Nostradamus. He was originally a French physician who was born with exceptional psychic abilities and until this day, he remains to be mentioned as one the best psychics of all times. Nostradamus actually had over a thousand predictions that today’s historians claim that most of them have already come true. One of these predictions was the tragedy of 9/11, besides; he also predicted the birth of Hitler stating that a child in the west of Europe would be born to a poor family and he would be able to have an impact in people with his tongue; he also described him as a man stained with murder and that he would be the greatest enemy of the whole human race due to his inhumanity. Well, looking back on history, Hitler was born in Austria and he came from a poor family, but he made his way to politics, for he was a great public speaker who influenced a lot of people and killed much more that were innocent. We cannot deny that fact that he was and will always be the greatest enemy of every human being.

4 The Start and End of the Great Depression
In case you have no idea about the Great Depression; it was the time when the greatest economic downward spiral came to pass and the period in which that depression took place might slightly vary from one nation to another, but for the most of the world, it started in 1929. This incident was predicted by Edgar Cayce; an American psychic who was also known as the Sleeping Prophet and that was because when he wanted to do some psychic reading, he would stretch out on a couch and force himself to sleep, folding his hands over his tummy. During one of his magical sleeps, he predicted that the great depression would take place in exactly 1929 and he spent few years trying to teach people how to prevent that from happening or at least how to deal with it, but, unfortunately, people did not believe him and he did not receive any of the gratitude that he deserved until the crisis had already happened.

3 The World’s Natural Disasters
Jeffrey R. Palmer is an Australian psychic who is known to have several predictions that, surprisingly, turned out to be accurate and true. Unfortunately, some of Palmer’s predictions that were accurate were actually natural disasters, for he predicted the volcano eruption of the Indian Ocean that took place in Indonesia. Palmer also predicted the natural disaster that followed the volcano eruption which was the tsunamis that killed more than 200,000 people in four different countries. However, it seems like Palmer’s predictions are endless and so are the natural disasters; he also predicted Hurricane Katrina that took place in 2005; a storm that took the lives of more than thousand people and it is considered to be one of the deadliest disasters in the history of human.

2 The Personal Wireless Devices
Nikola Tesla was an inventor and engineer who had psychic abilities; these abilities had enabled him to see a future full of devices by which the humans are able to send messages and that theses apparatuses would be wireless. His predictions go way back to 1909 and here we are in 2017 living in a world where everyone is owning a mobile cellphone where he/she can operate on their own.

1 The Video-on-demand Services
In 1987, Roger Ebert had predicted the invention of services where you can watch any video you want at any given time while he was doing an interview with Omni Magazine saying “We will have high-definition, wide-screen television sets and a push-button dialing system to order the movie you want at the time you want it.” Ebert was 100%, for we are here now enjoying our times on Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix and we are not sorry for that.

After reading those interesting facts, your faith in psychics and mediums might be restored and you will just learn that they are people that might hit or miss, just like the rest of us.


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