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5 Steps to Success In Becoming A Firefighter

Accidents happen without warning and often when people least expect them. These calamities can lead to huge losses, affect people mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. Apart from physical injuries, people often have to suffer from severe financial loss. Breaking out of the fire is hazardous and can claim lives if help does not arrive on time. Fire can turn the manganous buildings into ashes in a few hours and can choke people to death. People need to be vigilant while working with fire and other electrical appliances and undertake preventive measures seriously as slight negligence may result in some disastrous situations.

Firefighters are the superheroes who neither wear capes nor fly in the air but reach the unfortunate place on time and rescue people from flames. Unlike regular people, firefighters are courageous individuals. They have a sense of empathy and care for others, which forces them to jump in the fire and help victims. They are different from us. Instead of running away from burning buildings, they dash towards them and help people save themselves and their belongings. Firefighters are a crucial aspect of society. Their work is dangerous yet respectable as they put themselves at the backend and lend help to the victims.

Contrary to popular belief, firefighters’ jobs do not only entail putting off the fire. They undergo training that enables them to respond to healthcare emergencies, assist in traffic incidents, and provide security. Becoming a firefighter is not a piece of cake. People have to undergo training and equip themselves with different skills and learn to survive in critical conditions. Many people want to become firefighters as they feel the field gives them a chance to serve humanity. And if you think it is your calling, then join the fire academy first. The following are some steps to succeed in becoming a firefighter.

1 Analyze your Fitness

Firefighters need to be physically fit as they have to be agile while rescuing people from flames. Sometimes flames take moments to spread and engulf the whole place in it. Even momentary delay can result in huge loss. Firefighters understand the gravity of the situation and need to be physically healthy to move around quickly and carry people from the burning places. Before joining this field, you need to ask yourself if you have the stamina and strength necessary for the job. Analyzing one’s fitness level should be the first step as unwell, unfit people have no place in firefighting.

Firefighter Fitness
Firefighters must be physically fit, and they must be quick to save people.

2 Fulfill Requirements

Firefighters must hold a high school diploma and a valid driving license. Most firefighting organizations hire people older than eighteen and conduct a test before taking them on board. Aside from other requirements, firefighters need to have a clean criminal record. Most companies have a strict policy and do not let criminals become a firefighter. Another condition is to pass a drug screening test as firefighting is a tough job. Firefighters need to be vigilant at all times, and slight heedlessness from firefighters can cost people millions of dollars and, in some unfortunate cases, lives. If you want to become a firefighter, you need to check all the boxes and enroll in EMT.

successful firefighters
Firefighters must hold a high school diploma and a valid driving license.

3 Enroll in EMT Program

Emergency Medical Technician, commonly referred to as EMT program, gives people an insight into medical emergency services and prepares them to provide quality service to victims. Firefighters deal with medical emergencies, and their timely intervention can minimize the harmful impact. Firefighters need to have a basic EMT certificate to give sufferers first aid and stay conscious even amidst smoke and flames. EMT programs also equip them with self-defense skills and enable them to fight flames while keeping themselves safe.

firefighters training for EMS care
Firefighters have to enroll in EMT training to provide with people medical emergency services and quality service to victims.

4 Volunteer

No matter how many degrees and education firefighters take, rescuing people from burning places is something that only comes with experience. Volunteering expands people’s horizons and enables them to view things from different perspectives. To become a firefighter, you don’t have to volunteer your time in a firefighting organization. You can provide primary care in any healthcare facility to gain some experience. Many departments are always looking for volunteers who can lend a helping hand in catering to the victims’ needs. Volunteering in the nonprofit medical organization helps people develop strength, patience, stamina and make them keenly observant, which are essential skills for a firefighter.

Firefighters in healthcare facility
Firefighters can provide primary care in any healthcare facility to gain some experience.

5 Register in Firefighter Academy

The final but the most crucial step of becoming a firefighter is registering in a firefighter academy. You can learn some advanced skills and the tricks of rescuing people. Fire academy prepares individuals to survive amid smoke and flames and ways of saving people while putting off the fire. Once you have undertaken the course, you are ready to join a firefighting group and give back to the community.

Firefighter Certification
Firefighters can learn some advanced skills and the tricks of rescuing people in Firefighter Academy.


Firefighters are individuals with extraordinary skills and strong nerves, which help them hold their composure difficult and rescue others. They are empathetic and do not think about themselves before jumping into danger to provide others help. Becoming a firefighter is far from an easy process, and aspirants have to fulfill specific requirements. Maintaining a clean background is essential, and firefighter companies conduct an inquiry before hiring. People with shady records fail to become one. Getting hands-on experience, learning from seniors, gathering information about the field, and other firefighters give an in-depth insight into firefighting and help people become one.

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