Top 10 Most Bad Habits You Must Avoid

Sometimes, we do a lot of wrong things in our daily routine life. Some of us knows exactly what he is doing well, but others don’t have the enough knowledge ability to recognize the mistakes they are doing and may negatively affect them. Here, we gathered the most 10 bad habits that many of us used to do and must avoid.

10 Bad Eating habits

Eating is the source of our energy. It expresses our life, environment and health. “You are what you eat” this famous saying indicates that we are like the dish that we are going to eat. If our meal is bad, we will be bad with poor health and if our dish is good, we will be healthy and fit. There are many bad eating habits that you must avoid such as skipping breakfast and eating a lot of useless food at midnight-time. You should regulate your life, eat a balanced diet food and leave junk fast food.

9 Bad sleeping habits

Sleeping is the source of energy and focusing. “Early to bed and Early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” this is a famous saying. The activity of genes in the human body is destroyed when people sleep less than six hours a day for week. So we should organize our sleeping time to be more healthy and wise.

8 Multi-tasking

Multitasking means that doing more than one task at the same time and giving less attention to each of them. By giving your total attention to one task, the job will be done well. So try to focus in every task as if it is the only one you will do and after finishing it move to the other one…etc.

7 Drugs Addiction

Drugs abuse is very dangerous and is considered the real problem today. Addiction drugs are easy to start and difficult to leave. the dependence on drugs cause physical and mental harmful damages so go far away from these evil things.

6 Too Much Social Networking

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instgram have controlled our lives in many ways. They are good in helping us to connect with our friends around the whole world, introduce new friends and sharing with them our interesting and funny things. But in the other hand, when we give them a lot of our time and attention, they drive us away from actual human contact and make a poor weak relationships.

5 Incessant Gaming

Many researches have approved that playing games is good for you as it improves your mental abilities and coordination. But when this goes out of controls, it becomes dangerous. Sometimes, Games make us forget to eat or play games in wrong place and time such as attending a lecture and can’t stop playing a game on our mobiles phones.

4 Worrying about things out of our Control

Generally, worrying is a bad habit. It is one of the most common human emotions. But when it reaches to be about things out of our control and can’t predict, it becomes more dangerous on the person’s health. Worrying about things out of your control doesn’t solve the problem, so you should keep calm and think carefully how to solve your problem instead.

3 Nail Biting

Nail Biting is unhealthy habit that causes a lot of diseases. It is also considered uncivilized habit. It related to Psychological case in some people. This habit starts in childhood and teenagers. It is a bad behavior you should gives up.

2 Profanity

It means saying bad words or making a bad expressions. Profanity is an evidence of an immature mind trying to express itself. These bad words or expressions are unacceptable and illegal. So we should control over this bad habit.

1 Procrastination

It is the most common bad habits that we all have. It is the practice of carrying out unimportant and easy tasks rather than others that may be more important and difficult .It is a real problem when you put off every important task to the end, by this way, you miss your deadlines. so you should organize your time and start your work with important task.



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