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Top 10 Benefits of Home Tuitions in Singapore

Learn here how home tuition can help your kids raise their academic performance.

Are you worried about the declining grades of your kids? Do you fear that they may lag behind? Or you feel stressed as you don’t know how to help your kids with the tough subject.
Well, you are not alone as 70% parents in Singapore are living with the same concern. Thanks to the overly competitive educational system, challenging syllabus, and above all, “kiasu” (a fear of losing).
According to one report, 76% students feel anxious for a test “even if they are well prepared”. On the top of that, it is not feasible for school teachers to address every student’s concern due to a packed classroom and busy schedule.
That’s why 7 out of 10 parents have enrolled their kids in home tuition. After all, home tuition ensures personal attention, quality education, freedom to find teachers and peace of mind. In fact, Singapore spends nearly $ 1 billion on tuitions annually.

If you are one of those worrying 70% parents (and not of those 70% parents opting for tuitions), consider a home tuition for your kids now for the benefits given below:

1 Learning at the Comfort of Home: 
This is the key reason why most people prefer home tuitions in Singapore. In this form of tutoring, a tutor visits student’s home, thereby saving them a lot of time and hassle in daily commuting. Plus, students can schedule the tutors according to their availability. They can have their lessons when and where they want.
And this is more rewarding for the parents worrying about the late night or odd tuition hours of their children. This way, students can learn at the comfort of their home which in turn ensures safety and time management.

2 Maximum Personal Attention: 
Home tutoring is generally given on one to one basis. It means that a student gets the maximum attention that is not otherwise possible in a packed classroom of 20-30 students. With increased focus on each student, a tutor can understand and work over the key areas of improvement. It also helps them work according to the learning pace of their students.

3 Pre-Learning the Course Material 
Another huge positive of home tutoring is that student can learn a concept even before it is taught in the classroom. Therefore, they come prepared for the lectures.

4 Positive and Encouraging Environment: 
Most students often hesitate to ask doubts or questions to a teacher. Or they feel embarrassed to request the teacher to re-explain the concept. But this is not a case with home tutoring. A private tutor encourages a student to ask the question, no matter how many times he is required to explain the same. Students feel confident and share their concerns with the tutor.

5 Minimum Distractions: 
T.V, computer, mobile phone, and music player—there are many things that can distract students from a study. When they know that they are under tutor’s guidance or supervision, they are likely to be focused on their study.

6 Involvement of Parents: 
Parents can actively participate in their child’s learning and support them as well. They can take notice of the learning environment and check how their kids are being taught by a tutor. Besides, they can discuss a kid’s performance and make suggestions accordingly.

7 Sharing of Ideas and Useful Notes: 
An experienced home tutor teaches student time management and ideas to learn and perform well in exams. For example, a home tutor can give them tips to save time and avoid silly mistakes in the exam. Besides, they provide them useful notes and study material.

8 Better Learning Adaptability: 
Another benefit of home tutoring is that teaching can be customized to suit each student. This is a huge advantage compared to a classroom where a student lag behind as their learning level is different to their peers or requires more attention on a particular aspect of the topic.
A home tutor, on the other hand, will tailor the pace, focus, and goals of a lesson to the learning pace of a student, thereby maximizing the learning.

9 Source of Motivation: 
Besides notes and guidance, students need approval and positive reinforcement to do well in exams. A right tutor understands this and encourages students to give their best and come up with their thoughts. He or she helps them overcome exam stress by boosting their morale.

10 Best Tutor Match: 
The tutors can be filtered out according to the learning requirements of a student. But you don’t have a right to choose a teacher in school as per your requirements. There are many tuition agencies in Singapore which help you choose the right tutor. This is important as an efficient tutor can understand the students and the areas they are struggling with.

So you must have understood how home tuitions benefit the students. Make sure to work with a right and experienced home tutor to maximize the above-mentioned advantages.

Author Bio:

Wilson Tan is the Director of Home Tuition Agency – ChampionTutor and as well as a blog writer. He has been in the teaching industry of last 15 years. He is very much connected with technology.

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