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TOP 10 Super Easy Ways to Increase Leads on Instagram!

Are you gearing up to increase traffic leads on Instagram? If yes, it is imperative for you to devote some time to it daily. With this effort, you effectively can increase targeted traffic to your website and increase reader engagement. This, in turn, will increase the leads and help you generate more sales.

The following are some super easy ways to increase leads and generate more sales on Instagram.

1 It is essential for you to ensure that each post you do has a purpose in mind- You must make sure that you have a posting strategy that is in sync with your brand. It is important to you when you post that you use the relevant hashtags for the post. You should not use the popular ones as this will attract the Spam Bots.

2 If you wish to improve engagement- It is prudent for you to use geotags. With the aid of call to action on your posts, you can expand your brand. Ensure that you have a link to Instagram that your visitors can click on your account bio. This will generate more engagement and sales to a large extent.

3 Focus on your account bio link- Many entrepreneurs do not attach much importance to their bio links. They do not realize the fact that this link alone can generate more traffic and leads on Instagram. Experts say that it is prudent for you to use this bio link wisely. It should be posted for valuable content that you wish to share with your audience.

4 The content that you share- The content you share with your audience should be high in quality and educative in nature so that they will share your post with their network. In this way, you can reach out better to social media audience and increase traffic to your website.

5 Use Instagram to check clicks that are made to your website- It is important for you to track if your marketing efforts for Instagram is working or not. An easy way to do this is to create a link. This will give you a link that can be traced back to your website. It is important for you to share this link so that it helps direct visitors to your site. You can run the home page link, blog link, email form link, etc. through this link to get a link that will help you to track the number of clicks to your website.

6 Use valuable content to connect with real- Life customers- It is important for you to create and post useful content to connect with your real-life clients. You can use the automation posting software called Gramista to help you schedule your posts. This means you do not have to manually log in and post at different times of the day. The process is easy. All you need to do is visit the website of this automatic posting platform for Instagram and create your account. You can create your posts and schedule them to be posted. This means you do not need to worry about managing your Instagram account.

7 You can focus on other core matters for your business- It will schedule your posts on a regular basis for you. It is crucial for you always to share high-quality content with your customers. This will allow them to change from one-time customers to returning customers. If you wish to connect with the audience on an emotional level, it is crucial to use images with them to increase connection. You should always remember the fact that when you are posting on Instagram, the posts are visual. This is why you must use high-quality visual posts for the connecting and reach out to your audience.

8 Videos- Yes, videos have the high capacity to increase audience and traffic to your website. Like images, it is important for you to create videos that have your marketing message. These videos will primarily help you to connect with your targeted audience. They are both audio-visual and will communicate your business message in a short span of time. Always remember that the first 16 seconds of your video is crucial to creating the first positive impression. Therefore, when you are making videos for your website, keep the above tip in mind. There is research that has been done, and it says that approximately 64% of people buy a product or service after watching the video. When you are making a video, ensure that you post the link on the Instagram.

9 Take advantage of good captions- When it comes to call-to-action that will cause the audience click on your website, ensure that you do not go overboard when it comes to your Instagram account. You can ask the audience to do something with the image that you have posted. They can share their opinion or do more. When you are using Instagram, you can write a small description of your image as a caption and make it look like a mini-blog.

10 Sell your product or service without pushing sales- You should showcase your product in such a way that it does not appear like a sale. You must be creative here and attempt to highlight the benefits of your product with success. This will help the audience know about your product and also feel the need to purchase it. Remember that when you are marketing, you should not be too aggressive. The online customer has many options and is always on the lookout for value and not just the product or the service you are offering.

Therefore, when it comes to Instagram and more inbound traffic to your website, keep the above tips in mind. All of them are very simple, and they can be done with little effort. With these tips, you can effectively reach out to the targeted audience and increase leads to your website. This will help you to generate more sales and revenue for your business and gain a competitive edge in the market too!

Guest Writer: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.


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