Best 10 Cardiology Hospitals and Heart Surgery Clinics in USA

The heart is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body for its related problems need to be handled with caution. It is true that trying to search for hospitals which have a proven record on treating issues related to the heart is a real nightmare for lots of people out there because there are very few of them that you can trust.

Here is the Solution

There is no need carrying out such a search again as this post will help you in the best way possible. It will state some of the best hospitals in the US when it comes to cardiology and heart surgery. All that you need to do is choosing the one that meets your needs.

1 Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic is probably one of the best when it comes to cardiology and heart surgery. Its cardiac surgery teams are very experienced, and this is evident in the number of successful operations that they have carried out on over 30,000 patients. It doesn’t matter whether your situation requires a transplant, bypasses, or mitral valve surgery as these professionals will greatly help their patients. Subscribing to the medical services of a hospital you are very sure has some of the most up to date, and modern equipment will make you feel at ease.

2 Mayo Clinic

According to world report and US news, Mayo Clinic is the second best hospital in handling heart surgeries. It has experienced surgeons that treat cardiothoracic and cardiovascular conditions regardless of whether they are complicated or rare. They have innovations or up to date equipment with the treatment of heart conditions like minimally invasive heart surgery. They can come with techniques that are root – assisted. This hospital is one of the best when it comes to handling diseases that are related to the heart, which is why you have to check what they have got to offer.

3 Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai

Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai maintained position number one in 2018 as one of the best hospitals in the treatment of cardiovascular and heart surgeries. For instance, in 2018, it was very successful in the completion of adult transplants. The transplants completed by its team of professional surgeons were about 122. This is only pointing out that it is a hospital with a proven record of delivering top services related to heart surgeries.

4 New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell

This hospital is located in New York and has proven to be one of the best that can be trusted when it comes to delivering successful cardiovascular and heart-related surgeries. It has been regarded as one of the best in carrying out open – heart surgeries due to the vast level of experience and expertise of its medical team. This hospital made it to this list due to its high level of innovation in a bid to introduce a much effective way through which the heart can be treated. For instance, it is constantly searching for ways through which heart valves can be treated easily.

5 Massachusetts General Hospital 

Massachusetts General Hospital deserves to be mentioned in this list, given its achievements over the years when it comes to treating patients who have heart problems. It has a world class medical team which works together in getting different types of heart conditions treated. Its methods of evaluation, as well as treating patients, are innovative, which has led to success over the years. It has even developed a unique technique for heart protection.

6 Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian 

This hospital has become very popular in the treatment of heart-related diseases over the years due to its highly experienced medical surgeons. Their success in cardiac transplantation over the years can hardly be rivaled. Also, it has been very successful in carrying out cardiovascular surgeries on patients. The team of surgeons is experts in the treatment of heart valve diseases.

7 Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Northwestern Memorial Hospital will be taking position number 7 amongst some of the best hospitals in cardiology and heart surgery in the US. It is being listed amongst the top 10 for the 4th year running which is only a sign that it is one of the best around that you can trust in handling the heart – related disease that you may be having at the moment. Patrick M. McCarthy is the leader of its medical team, which is highly specialized in the valves repair. Also, it has been popular for the innovation of techniques used in repairing valves.

8 Brigham and Women’s Hospital 

Brigham and Women’s Hospital has proven to handle various conditions that can disturb the heart based on its records with patients. Its techniques on cardiac surgery are advanced. This hospital gives world-class treatments for those suffering from heart diseases. For instance, its valve replacement and repair approaches are revolutionary. Its invasive options are minimal. Also, its open heart surgery solutions aren’t only safe but effective.

9 University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine

This hospital carries out over 2000 operations related to the heart every year. This is to show its level of expertise which can be said as being very high. Its team of medical experts is one of the best in the US as they have been able to introduce some effective and safe ways through which some heart diseases can be treated. For instance, they use minimally invasive procedures in replacing heart valves.

10 Mount Sinai Hospital

The medical team of Mount Sinai Hospital is always devising new techniques in the treatment of heart-related diseases. This makes them steps ahead of most hospitals, thereby making it into this list of the best hospitals in cardiology and heart surgery. The cardiologists are specialists in the treatment of patients suffering from heart conditions that are rare, chronic, and acute. This is perhaps why it is referred by many as the best home of cardiovascular care.


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