Top 10 Most Common Diseases In Children

It is ruthless when innocence suffers. Many innocent children suffer from diseases. They are asked to bear the pain and those newborns have no means to express pain but crying. In this article, we attempt to spot the most common illnesses that children suffer from. Just follow up, and be careful if you have or about to have a child.

10 Fifth disease

It has been named the slapped cheek disease as it leads to a red rash on the face that seems to be a slap mark. Indeed, a lacy red rash may take place on the child’s chest and limbs. The fifth disease does not constantly make a child feel unwell, yet it can seem like a cold near the beginning, prior to the rash appears. The mysterious name is a relic from medical language a century ago, at what time a French physician allocated numbers to the general children diseases typified by rashes.

9 Hand, foot, and mouth disease

It is not to be puzzled with a foot-and-mouth disease that infects only farm animals. The widespread children’s disease, hand, foot, and mouth disease leads to a fever with sore within the mouth and on the palms as well as the feet. The sores may show up the buttocks. Moreover, hand, foot, and mouth disease are attributed to many viruses called enteroviruses.

8 Croup

It is an illness attributed to a set of viruses named human parainfluenza viruses that also lead to the common cold. The principal symptom of croup is a cough, similar to the barking sound of a seal. Croup can be grave to need treatment in a hospital. Up to 6% of children with croup stay in the hospital, but it is very hardly ever deadly.

7 Impetigo:

It is a bacterial skin illness. It is deemed to be the third most widespread skin illness in children, happened often in children aged 2 till 6 years. It is very infectious, and adults can get infected. Moreover, this illness shows up on the skin as collections of irritated little sores that release fluid, making a honey-colored coating on them.

6 Scarlet fever:

It is a rash that shows up with strep throat, an illness with a bacterium named group A streptococcus. Actually, a child with strep throat will habitually suffer from a very sore throat and soaring fever. The scarlet fever rash begins on the torso and stomach then spreads across the entire body.

5 Kawasaki disease:

This disease is attributed ambiguous cause. It is an odd mixture of symptoms such as a high fever, rash and soles of the feet, swollen hands, bloodshot eyes and swollen lymph glands. The disease can lead to inflammation of the vessels of the heart to harshly damage the heart.

4 Catarrh

This is painful as it is a surplus of mucus in the nose. It is caused by a common cold, measles, or sinusitis. It can be caused by an allergy. A child will suffer a running nose, vomit and continuing nasal congestion. Children may not be able to eat well.

3 Cerebral Palsy

This is an illness that is attributed to a lack of oxygen in the brain. Indeed, harsh Cerebral Palsy can be observed at birth but slighter degrees can be difficult to notice until the child be older. Moreover, some children will suffer unimportant difficulties and others will have the matter more severe. About half of them will have complexity in speech.

2 Glue Ear

It takes place when the Eustachian tube that is a small one running from the ear to the throat, is full with a fluid due to an infection. The fluid turns to be glue. A child will feel painful and may suffer from earache as well as a headache. They may be somewhat deaf in this case.

1 Mouth Ulcers

Ulcers can take place because of stress, a physical injury such as biting your cheek or due to an infection. Truly, children can be pressured if they are to get on something odd or they feel tight with. Then, ulcers are little creamy-white lumps in the mouth somewhere on the tongue or coating of the mouth. They will vanish but may be sore and can with no trouble happen again.



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